Whether you work at restaurants or hotels, casinos or concerts, the hospitality life is always an interesting one. But maybe you’ve decided to shift your career away from hospitality, either because of the changing economy or your changing needs. Where do you go? Which career do you pursue next?

Hospitality professionals are skilled at helping people and making them happy, which is fundamental to most businesses. So, many different career moves can be natural. The key is determining how your skills align with various job requirements. Then you must effectively communicate your transferable skills to employers.

Below, we’ve used the Jobscan Career Change Tool to find jobs that match a variety of hospitality professional’s resumes. We hope this gives hospitality professionals some inspiration.

Beneath each job description are resume keywords that already exist on the resumes of many hospitality workers. To get a better idea of how your resume matches up with any particular job description, try putting them side-by-side in the Jobscan tool.


Job description: Receptionists are often the first face people see when visiting an office and have been called “the face of the business.” They handle a variety of tasks including answering phones, receiving visitors, prepping meeting rooms, and sorting and sending mail.

Relevant skills and resume keywords: verbal communication, time management, customer service, multitasking, organized, detail oriented.

Bank Teller

Job description: Bank tellers handle many administrative tasks while assisting bank customers with transactions and questions.

Relevant skills and resume keywords: basic math skills, customer service, transactions, verbal communication.

Member Service Representative

Job description: Member service reps interact with members or potential members of an organization, answering questions and resolving complaints or concerns.

Relevant skills and resume keywords: sales, processing payments, customer service, verbal communication, phone calls.

Receiving Clerk

Job description: Receiving clerks receive packages and materials in warehouse settings. They’re typically responsible for signing for packages, unloading materials, entering them into the system and storing them.

Relevant skills and resume keywords: math skills, attention to detail, communication skills, organization.

Administrative Assistant

Job description: Administrative admins support other staff members by taking care of administrative tasks. They are often integral to the productivity of a business.

Relevant skills and resume keywords: communication skills, phone calls, attention to detail.

Customer Service Representative

Job description: Customer service reps help customers with questions and complaints, take order, answer questions about accounts, products, and services. They often process payments and refunds.

Relevant skills and resume keywords: customer service, organization, communication, phone calls, conflict resolution, processing payment, basic math skills.

Social Media Specialist

Job description: Social media professionals create content for social channels and work with the social media manager to strategize social marketing plans.

Relevant skills and resume keywords: communication skills, management skills, time management skills, creative, customer engagement.

HR Assistant

Job description: An HR assistant supports the HR team by performing administrative HR tasks. They often handle records and payment processing.

Relevant skills and resume keywords: problem solving, communication skills, time management, attention to detail, conflict management.

Marketing Assistant

Job description: Marketing assistants support the marketing team by performing research, ideating marketing ideas, gathering assets for content and much more. Working as a marketing assistant is a great way to begin a career in marketing.

Relevant skills and resume keywords: communication skills, organization skills, attention to detail, time management, creative, collaborating.

Medical Administrative Assistant

Job description: a medical admin assistant performs administrative tasks, like checking in patients, filing, and booking appointments, in a healthcare facility.

Relevant skills and resume keywords: phone calls, interpersonal skills, customer service, multitask, attention to detail.

These are just ten ideas to help hospitality workers get started on their new job searches. Think about how your unique skills can translate to other jobs. Point out how these skills translate in your career change cover letter.

If you’d like to see which jobs best align with your current resume, try our free career change tool.


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