Teaching is a rewarding career and perhaps one of the most important jobs in society. Teachers often work under immense pressure and develop fine tuned skills. But what happens when teaching no longer works for your lifestyle? How do you transfer your specialized skills to a new career?

We used the Jobscan Career Change Tool to find out which careers aligned best with the skills frequently seen on teacher resumes. Below are the jobs we found. We hope this list provides some inspiration for former teachers beginning their job search.

14 Career Ideas for Former Teachers

1. Content Strategist

Job description: Content strategists ideate and execute content plans designed to reach a business’s target audience.

Why it’s a fit: Teachers have extensive experience creating and curating content that engages students and helps them learn.

2. Academic Advisor

Job description: Academic advisors work closely with students to help them identify their strengths and interests and select appropriate majors and courses.

Why it’s a fit: Teachers have plenty of experience working directly with students and are skilled in both recognizing student strengths and coaching them toward their goals. Many academic advisor roles require classroom experience.

3. Behavior Therapist

Job description: Behavior therapists work in schools, private practices, rehabilitation centers and detention facilities to help clients overcome unhealthy behaviors.

Why it’s a fit: Teachers have experience working with different learning styles and adapting learning materials for their unique classroom. Teachers may also have experience recognizing and working with students who show behavioral concerns.

4. Instructional Designer

Job description: Instructional designers research and understand both course objectives and their designated audience in order to develop materials that educate a specified group.

Why it’s a fit: Teachers have plenty of experience lesson planning and adjusting curriculums to fit the needs of their classrooms.

5. Image Consultant

Job description: An image consultant is a type of public relations specialist who works with clients to align their images—on social media, in public appearances, and in other communications—with their professional goals.

Why it’s a fit: Image consulting requires good coaching and content planning skills which many teachers possess.

6. Social Media Manager

Job description: Social media managers run their company’s accounts on various platforms, engaging their audience and ultimately driving sales.

Why it’s a fit: Teachers not only have the skills to create and execute on content plans but are familiar with evaluating the success of their content and making adjustments to better connect with students and improve engagement.

7. Freelance Writer

Job description: Freelance writers create reports, advertising copy, blog posts, website copy, emails, white papers, and more for clients.

Why it’s a fit: Many teachers have advanced writing and communication skills. Freelancing can be done during the summer or alongside teaching while you create a portfolio and establish a client list.

8. Community Manager

Job description: A community manager establishes and manages a company’s online voice in order to engage their online community. They are often the first point of contact for fans and potential customers.

Why it’s a fit: Community managers require superb communication skills and a complete understanding of the development of a brand’s voice.

9. School Administrator

Job description: School administrators, including principals and vice principals are leaders in the school. They have various responsibilities including designing curriculum, budgeting, scheduling classes, and defining a school’s culture.

Why it’s a fit: Many school administrators come from a teaching background because it’s important to have experience in education and working with students at the ground level. This is a great role for teachers who want to expand their influence in the school.

10. HR Administrator

Job description: HR administrators have both admin and management responsibilities and often act as the first point-of-contact for all HR related issues. Responsibilities include drawing up HR documents, planning employee events and training, and corresponding with recruiters.

Why it’s a fit: Teachers are often great communicators with experience interacting with many different personalities throughout the day. They possess multitasking, planning, and administrative skills.

11. Job Coach

Job description: Job coaches help their clients identify and land jobs based on their skills, interests, objectives and needs. Coaches may help clients improve their resumes, interview skills, and LinkedIn presence.

Why it’s a fit: Both job coaches and teachers know how to develop learning materials and coach clients (or students) in order to help them learn and achieve their goals. Many skills acquired in a teaching career can be transferred to career coaching.

12. Digital Strategist

Job description: Digital strategist manage and integrate all digital channels and activities with aims to improve a customer’s digital experience from first touch to post-conversion.

Why it’s a fit: Although working as a digital strategist will require gaining more relevant experience, it’s a great career trajectory for teachers who are skilled at creating holistic strategies. Digital strategy is a good choice for those who enjoy thinking both creatively and analytically.

13. Email Marketing Specialist

Job description: Email marketers strategize and execute on email marketing initiatives, keeping customers up-to-date on product offerings and engaged.

Why it’s a fit: Email marketers must have superior communications and content strategy skills which many teachers acquire in the classroom.

14. Copy Editor

Job description: Copy editors work with writers to polish grammar, syntax, structure, and voice.

Why it’s a fit: Teachers are good communicators and often good writers. Teachers who have experience teaching grammar and/or copy editing certifications are great candidates for copy editing roles.

Want to see which jobs align with your unique skill set? Try the free Jobscan career change tool. Just paste in your resume and see which careers are great fits for you!

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