Congratulations! First of all, you should be proud of your achievement because you just opened yourself many doors that lead you to various jobs. Remote freelance writing jobs or anything else you may like – here in our post!

Some may think that a Creative Writing Degree doesn’t lead you to many job opportunities but they are just misinformed.

Not only that you can create any type of content you want and promote it online all by yourself, but every big company, especially the ones that have social networks to keep alive, need a creative writer.

Your career options are unlimited, especially if you take a look at the freelance world. With a Creative Writing Degree you will never starve; not even if you lack creativity because some job offers include specific topics to write about, so all you’ll have to do is to write them very well.

In order to help you out and to prove to you that you have many opportunities, in today’s post we’re presenting our top 10 perfect jobs for graduates with a Creative Writing Degree or Diploma.

1. Content Writer/ Author

Even though it might be the most obvious job, it is still many people’s dream to become writers, and now you have a degree to back you up and a lot of knowledge to put on practice in your benefit.

Remember, you are a creative writer so you must know all the tricks about how to leverage your creativity and how to put it on the paper. You can write about anything you want or anything a company wants if you believe that you need more experience before you can write a book under your name.

But to be a writer is just a general term for naming many jobs as novels aren’t the only things you can write; there’s poetry, prose, drama, short story, and the list goes on. If you have a dream make sure you chase it until you make it because one of the most important keys towards success is our genuine passion.

2. Copywriter

Copywriting is probably the best way to start your career as a writer and it is also very well paid even if you’re a beginner. But let’s see what copywriting really is about.

Copywriting means writing with the purpose of advertising and other forms of marketing. The product is called copy and it is actually written content whose purpose is to raise brand awareness and to make a possible customer take action. There are many forms of copywriting and even more companies that leverage its power; this means many job-offers on the market. If you’re really into this type of writing you’ll need to become very knowledgeable in a vast subject.

3. Journalist

To be a journalist takes a lot of creativity sometimes, so you can connect very well every piece of information you receive. As well, journalism doesn’t only concern the news part like politics. You can be a journalist for the fashion world or movie stars world or even sports world. There are so many options to choose from.

But beware, the competition in this field is very high and not so rewarding, at least at first, so I’d friendly advise you to consider this option only if you’re truly passionate about journalism and if you believe that you can make a change, improve the journalism world. This way you can be sure that you will 100% succeed.

4. Travel Blogger

If writing and traveling are your two main passions, there’s the perfect job for you: travel writer. I believe that the job title is self-explanatory but it’s still worth mentioning that you’ll have to travel all around the world and write amazing articles about your amazing experiences.

The best part is that you don’t really need to find someone to hire you to be a travel writer as you can take your backpack and start a blog about your amazing experience and become a travel writer and an influencer and from there on you’ll have even more collaboration and maybe job titles.

No matter what part you choose, this job seems too good to be true and remember, you’ll see the world for free, what more can you wish for?

5. Social Media Specialist

Every reputable company today leverages at least the perks of one social network because there is the place where most customers spend their time and you can easily target them. But to make a possible customer take action and actually buy their product takes a well-written, creative text that can be written by you – a Creative Writing Graduate.

There are always hundreds of job offers for various types of companies, so it will be almost impossible to not find work in this field.

If you think of yourself as a persuasive and yet subtle person, this job might be just right for you.

6. Email Marketing Specialist

If you’re usually giving your email to every website you’re purchasing things from that you already know what email marketing looks like. If you ever bothered to read one of those emails you received, you’ll notice that their purpose is to give you some new information and to make you feel like a member of the community just to make you buy their products.

To be an email marketer requires a lot of creativity that’s why they’re looking for people like you. Usually, this job is very well paid because you can make a real difference in their profits – the better you write, the more customer you convince to make a purchasing and the faster you’re promoted.

7. Editor

As you already graduated, you must know that the writing process is not only about the creation part, the writing itself, but is also about improving and correcting the first draft until it is perfect and ready to send.

To be an editor doesn’t only mean to correct grammar errors and misspelled words.

It also means to make what one originally wrote sound better – take his idea and write it in other words that will express it better and more beautifully. Therefore, you can always be an editor. I believe that this is a great starting point of a writing career and it can also be very rewarding.

8. Columnist

Many writers dream to have their own column in a reputable magazine like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, or Forbs. Of course, they all started small, from the local magazines and so on, but most importantly, they all started with a degree, like you.

The competition is high in this filled too, but if you’re good and you believe in yourself there’s nothing to worry about. We all know that if you have a column in a magazine you are well paid and it can be a really nice and rewarding job, not to mention that you get to go places and meet amazing people, depending on the subjects you’re writing about.

9. Ghostwriter

One of the best ways to start your writer carrier is with ghostwriting, especially if you’re not ready to put your name out for the public’s eyes. As a ghostwriter you have tons of opportunities – the freelance world is full of such opportunities, you can write anything you like or anything one demands, from books of all sorts, articles, blog posts, and the list can go on and on.

You can write articles about whatever topic you like and then just sell it to a company that needs it. You can work for some essay writing company as a ghostwriter. Or, if you want something more stable, there are many companies that are looking for ghostwriters to write their articles under the name of inexistent writers that have created.

10. Screenwriter / Songwriter

Probably the most creative jobs for a creative writer graduate are songwriting and screenwriting. Of course, is not easy to make a name of yourself in this field, but this is where your passion lays, you should definitely go for it.

In these jobs, you can dream as big as possible and the bigger you dream the more successful you’ll become. So, don’t let anyone stop you become a songwriter or screenwriter just because it is hard, or do you believe that you’re any less than anyone who already succeeded; they’re only human after all.


Above are just 10 great opportunities that you can leverage in your future, but remember, there are so many more opportunities that are waiting for a great writer like you to discover. Creative writing is a great career and the most important thing about it is that it will never die (hopefully), or, at least, not any time soon. You can write novels about your unbelievable fantasies, you can write for a blog that shares your main interests, and you can work from home as the freelance world has hundreds if not thousands of job offers for creative writers.

Your future looks bright from now on and never discourage yourself if you struggle at first to get a job because some things simply aren’t meant to be. Look at things from this point of view: you didn’t get the job because it is not the best option for you and a better job is waiting for you. You just have to be patient because great things take time.

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