Each year we put together our Top Experts list to help job seekers tap into the wealth of knowledge available on LinkedIn. Featured here are the generous professionals who regularly post exceptional and timely job search advice.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that can aid your job search in many ways. Improving your presence on LinkedIn can help you connect with other professionals both inside and outside your industry. Optimizing your Linkedin profile can help attract recruiters. And following the right folks can enrich and guide your job search, helping you land the job you desire.

This year, we endeavored to highlight those who frequently share timely, actionable, unique, and valuable job search content directly on LinkedIn. We asked our top ten experts to share one piece of advice for job seekers looking to find and land a job they love. Their thoughtful answers demonstrate just why they’re on our list.

So, without further ado…

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1) Biron Clark | Job Search Author

Biron’s posts are full of straightforward, easy-to-implement advice for job seekers at any stage of their job search. In addition to covering the fundamentals of interviewing, LinkedIn, and resumes, he often answers the questions you didn’t know you had. As a former recruiter, he gives us an inside look into recruiting practices, and it’s evident in each post that he truly knows the ins and outs of the job search process.

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Here’s Biron’s advice to Jobscan readers:

“It’s difficult to get noticed with online applications because so many other people are applying the same way. I recommend looking through your network first to see if you know anyone who has a connection with your target employer. Ask them for an introduction if so.

Or, if you can figure out who the hiring manager is via the job posting or LinkedIn, send them a direct message about why the position caught your eye and how you can help them in the role. Then, ask for an interview. “

2) Ashley Watkins | Resume Writer and Job Search Coach

Every one of Ashley’s posts are actionable advice for job seekers. Time with her clients combined with prior experience as a recruiter has helped her gain insight into the pain points of many job seekers. She often shares brilliant networking tips and advice on how to overcome common obstacles. Look for her #MondayMotivation and #WednesdayWisdom posts.

Ashley Watkins on LinkedIn

Here’s what Ashley has to say about the power of networking:

“As a job search coach, I empower career seekers to shift their efforts from the ‘post and pray’ method of applying online and doing nothing else to a more intentional, proactive strategy that includes research, differentiation, relationship building, and referrals. Instead of focusing primarily on ways to beat the ATS, refine your job search until your network becomes the main access point for job opportunities. Landing a job you love at the salary you deserve happens much faster when you can connect with key decision makers and clearly communicate who you are, what you do and how you add value.”

3) Diana YK Chan | Career Coach, Speaker, and Trainer

Diana’s posts will add some excitement to your feed. Her graphics pop with color and inspire action among job seekers. Her multimedia LinkedIn content not only tells us how to improve our personal brands but shows us just how it’s done.

Here’s what Diana shared with us:

“To find and land a job you love, conduct a strategic WANT-NEED-CAN analysis. First, get clear on what you truly WANT by understanding who you are and what’s important to you to identify your ideal role. Next, know the market NEED of the industries, companies and roles by conducting research and informational interviews to identify trends, challenges and opportunities. Lastly, develop a strategic plan of what you CAN do and offer by targeting specific people to network with, tailoring your messages and identifying your competitive edge to differentiate as top talent. My favourite saying is ‘Own your greatness with confidence.'”

4) Adrienne Tom | Resume Writer and Job Search Coach

Adrienne is committed to providing excellent resources to job seekers. Her posts are always thorough, insightful, and organized in ways that make them digestible and actionable for job seekers. Her resume writing tips are especially helpful for those looking to improve their resumes.

Adrienne Tom on LinkedIn

Here’s what Adrienne suggests when it comes to finding a job you love:

“To help locate a job you love, start with addressing the basics: who, what, why, and where?

Who are you? What do you enjoy doing? What is your ‘Why’? And Where do you want to work?

Begin with some self-assessment to identify core strengths and skillsets (Who are you?). You will be more successful in a job search if you understand your value and offerings.

Next, carefully analyze your ‘why’ – the thing that makes you tick, get you excited or fulfill you. Move on to analyzing the areas of work that you excel at and enjoy versus the things you could do without. Focus on what you really want in a job.

Finally, contemplate the types of jobs that might be a good fit for your needs and abilities and research companies that hire these positions. Where are they located?”

5) Ed Han | Recruiter

Ed’s “#LinkedIn #tip of the day” posts are legend in the job search community. Though he recently suspended the daily posts, there are plenty of LinkedIn tips—some of the best you’ll find—in the archives. Ed has now turned to sharing helpful resources with his followers. If you’re looking for actionable, relevant, and entertaining advice from a true job search expert, give Ed a follow.

Ed Han on LinkedIn

Here’s what Ed had to tell to Jobscan readers about finding a job you love:

“While there are many ways to analogize job search to dating, a critical way is to keep your eye open for warning signs. Just as you are, your prospective employer is also on its best behavior. How you are treated speaks volumes. Keep your eyes open for your time being respected.

Don’t get fooled by the nice restaurant, the great attire, or the easy smile. Even a psychopath can be great in short bursts. When their attention is focused on making you feel special, it’s easy to impress. Treating someone well in unguarded moments is a lot harder to fake.

Here are a few examples: Ø Kept waiting more than a few minutes? Ø Interview schedule changed last minute? Ø Interactions perfunctory? Ø Curiously lacking in follow-up questions? Ø Interviewer(s) inattentive during your conversation or non-apologetic for lateness?

It’s important to note that any one of these in isolation is odd. One occurrence is just a single data point, two is a line, but three is a trend. Keep your eyes open for trends.”

6) Sarah Johnston | Career Coach and Resume Writer

Sarah’s posts are packed full of knowledge and helpful tips. The amount of free advice she shares on LinkedIn is generous, and the quality always top-notch. There’s something for every job seeker at any stage in your search, regardless of your location or career level.

Sarah Johnston on LinkedIn

Here’s what Sarah had to say about starting your job search:

“Don’t dive right in to the job boards. Before launching a job search, get clear on your unique value proposition and target roles. Take the time to create a target company list. Once you are clear on who hires people like you for the challenges that you want to solve, leverage your network for referrals into your target companies. Job seekers who can find an internal champion—or employee referral—are significantly more likely to get hired than job seekers who apply directly online.”

7) Jessica Hernandez | Executive Resume Writer

Jessica offers her following a ton of great tips for all facets of the job search. Her content is varied in format and helpful for anyone looking to improve their personal brand, resume, and chances of landing a job the love.

Jessica Hernandez on LinkedIn

Here’s what Jessica shared with us:

“My favorite tip for landing a job you love is creating a list of 20-40 target companies and then researching the decision-makers within those companies. You can usually find out who the decision-maker is by reviewing their company website or looking it up on LinkedIn. I prefer LinkedIn because you get more information than just their name.

Once you have a contact, connect with them on LinkedIn, see if you have any common connections and start engaging with their content. You can also send them a copy of your resume and cover letter tailored to your ideal role. The key to being successful with this strategy is consistent follow-up.”

8) Erin Kennedy | Resume Writer

Erin tackles many topics from resume writing to stressful work situations. Her posts not only inform on trends and statistics but also include tangible advice for job seekers.

Here’s Erin’s advice:

“Landing your dream job takes some preparation but is very possible! Is your resume up-to-date? Does it clearly state what you do, your brand, and does it weave a story about your career progression? The most common thing I hear from recruiters is, ‘Their resume doesn’t fit the role they want!’ Make sure it relates to the roles you are seeking.

Once your resume is focused, reach out to people. Create a list of 10-20 companies you want to work for. Connect with their employees on LinkedIn and start a conversation. Job search is really about WHO you know and who can connect you with hiring managers.”

9) Meg Applegate | Job Search Coach and Resume Writer

Meg’s advice is timely, actionable, and unique. Her upbeat voice and knack for storytelling makes her content a wonderful addition to your feed.

Meg Applegate on LinkedIn

Here’s what Meg shared with us:

“Consider no one a stranger in your job search! Referrals and networking are the two most effective ways to land a new job, so step out of your comfort zone and talk to people who have the position you want or work for your favorite company. Be a student of their career story! Similarly, know who you are so you can articulate why you are uniquely positioned to do the job you want and determine your best fit.”

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