It’s that time of the year again!

It’s not a secret that the job search is tough. Job searchers can spend weeks, or even months, going through the arduous process—searching for new opportunities, updating their resumes, applying, and interviewing. Then, many have to start all over again.

Did we mention this is a rough process?

That’s why each year, we announce who we see as the leaders on LinkedIn when it comes to job searching advice. These are the coaches, recruiters, HR professionals, and more who share their expertise to help the process feel less lonely.

So, without further ado…

1. Jasmine Escalera, Ph.D | Founder & Career Coach at Jasmine Escalera Coaching

Jasmine on her top advice for job searchers in 2022:

“Don’t be afraid to release any opportunity that is not meant for you or isn’t what you truly want. It may be so scary to let offers go, but if it isn’t the one, then ultimately, you will be right back where you are right now…searching. Be clear on what you want your next step to be. How much you want to make. And what type of company you need to work within to thrive. Stand firm in this knowledge and believe that it is out there. And you deserve it.”

2. Eddiana Rosen, SHRM-CP | Technical Recruiter at Google

Advice Eddiana would give job searchers in 2022:

“The past few years have been tough on all of us, especially job seekers, those who lost their jobs, and were unemployed for a long time. The climate has changed, and the wind is blowing in the job seeker’s favor, we are in what has been referred to as the ‘job seeker market,’ so take advantage of it. You should always know what you want and don’t be afraid to ask for it in the job search process.

These main points can turn out to be key for you to succeed in the job search process:

  • Have a realistic timeline on how long you will be searching for that perfect position
  • Learn how to show impact in your resume, not just listing your day-to-day responsibilities but demonstrating how you created, improved or implemented a process
  • Don’t be afraid to make connections, in this process, you can learn how to identify key players (stakeholders and decision-makers) 
  • Recruiters are your partner in the process of landing a role that is adequate and fairly compensated
  • Most importantly, protect your mental health, job searching can be a roller coaster of emotions, but things always work out, be patient and know when to take breaks”

3. Erin Kennedy | CEO, Executive Resume Writer, LinkedIn Profile, C-Suite, Boards, EVP, SVP, Branding at Professional Resume Services, Inc.

Erin’s advice for 2022 job searchers:

“We are seeing a job search like never before. As companies are understaffed after the Great Resignation, more roles, opportunities, and options are opening up for job seekers. Companies are pulling out all the stops to attract the right talent including better perks and salary increases

Want to work remotely? A more flexible schedule? Ask for it! Job seekers have the ball in their court; however, you can’t go to the game empty-handed. Make sure you have the skills they are asking for. Be prepared to talk about what you’ve done, what you contributed to the company, and have your elevator pitch ready. 

Don’t discount your soft skills either! Communication, adaptability, teamwork, and the ability to work without someone standing over your shoulder were critical during the pandemic. With remote and hybrid work becoming the norm for many companies, having these skills listed on your resume–backed up by results-rich content–will win over others that may not have that as a strength.

The balance of power, while being a welcome and long-overdue change, may eventually shift back to the employer side so make sure your skills and resume are up to date.”

4. Nii Ato Bentsi-Enchill, MA, Ed.M | Founder and Head Coach at Avenir Careers

Nii Ato’s advice for 2022 job searchers:

“You have MORE POWER than you think in the job search, which starts with your ABILITY TO CHOOSE. As a job seeker, you have the ability to choose what type of work environment is the best fit for you and target only those employers who fit your criteria.

You get to choose how to frame your career narrative through how you brand yourself and the stories you tell in your marketing materials.

You have a choice in how you show up to networking conversations and formal interviews. You decide what aspects of your full authentic self show up in a given scenario.

You have a choice to accept or reject an inbound recruiter inquiry, an interview, a next round, and even a job offer.

While there are a myriad of factors within a job search that are out of your control, don’t lose sight of the powerful things that are within your control and use them to your full advantage.

Your job search starts with YOU, so take the time to first look inward to identify your values, needs, and priorities, to help you achieve the external results that you hope for.”

5. Andrea Yacub Macek | CEO, Founder, and Career Coach at AYM Consulting

Andrea’s advice for 2022 job searchers:

“As you navigate your career, what you want will evolve and change many times. And so will your expectations and goals for those wants. You will think many things about what you’re doing, as will the people around you. Make sure that you have the tools and resources to manage those thoughts. When you know how to let your thoughts support you, and not tear you down, that’s when things will happen. Your career is going to be full of changes that you create and that are created for you. The way you think about yourself and the wins and challenges you’ll face will be a game-changer as you build your career.”

6. Dominic Imwalle | Founder at DxConsulting, LLC

Dominic’s advice to job searchers is:

As a job seeker, you need to keep this thought in the back of your head, someone is going to take a chance on you and your talent. If you want to speed your timeline up, go have conversations with people who are in the role you want to be in. You’ll uncover so much more compared to just applying endlessly.”

7. Jonathan Javier | CEO of Wonsulting

Below is Jonathan’s advice for job searchers in 2022:

“Remember that rejection is redirection if you react to it in the right way. You’ll apply to jobs and reach out to professionals; some will respond, some won’t. At the end of the day, focus on the ones who respond because they can lead to opportunities in your dream companies.” 

8. Rhona Barnett-Pierce | Founder at How To Level Up

Rhona’s advice for job searchers in 2022:

“My Top advice for job seekers in 2022 is to focus on finding a job that is the right fit for YOU. To do this, you have to get crystal clear on what you value the most, your goals, and your deal-breakers. If you truly want to be happy in your career, you have to know what works for you, and you should evaluate every job offer against that criteria.”

9. Chelsea Jay | Leadership Development Coach, Employee Experience Advocate, Conference Speaker and Planner at Chelsea Jay Consulting LLC

Chelsea’s job searching advice for 2022:

Own your story, be confident in who you are, and build your career for YOU! Be fearless and unapologetic about it. There is no goal or dream that is too big or out of reach when it comes to your career. You do not need everyone’s buy-in (family, friends, and teachers included), all you need to do is believe in yourself and your vision for YOUR future!”

10. Teegan Bartos, CCMC, CCM | Certified Career Management Coach, LinkedIn Optimization, and Resume Writer at Jolt Your Career

Here is Teegan’s job searching advice for 2022:

“We spend one-third of our life at work so if you’re not in a position that brings you personal fulfillment, financial stability, and your version of professional success it’s time to start your job search. The best job search advice I can give anyone is to start off with understanding your internal and external motivators so you can get the highest ROI with your job search efforts.”

11. Phil Davis, PHR | Founder, Recruitment Consultant, and Career Coach at FulPhillment™ Solutions, LLC

Phil’s job searching advice for 2022:

Always celebrate the small and big wins. If you are applying to that job, getting that interview, moving along your job search, identifying and hiring that top talent, then YOU are winning. Don’t lose sight of the achievements you are doing in your work and in your life. You are worth the wins!”

12. Katelyn Richards | Founder, Career Coach, and Job Search Strategist at Crafted Careers

Katelyn’s 2022 job searching advice:

“My number one piece of advice for job seekers in 2022 is to really do your homework on the companies you think you want to work for. The interview process is a two-way street, and if you’re looking to make a career move you want to make sure you’re landing at a company where you will be seen, valued, given opportunity for growth, and compensated for what you’re worth.

Take the time to talk with current team members and ask intentional questions about the company culture and the work environment so you can discern if there is alignment between what you need and what the company has to offer when it comes to employee experience. Also, pay attention to how you are treated throughout the interview process—this will tell you so much about how you will be treated as an employee moving forward. Be on the lookout for both red flags and green flags alike!”

13. Manny Duenas | Founder, Program, and Recruiting Consultant at Career Doctor

Manny’s job searching advice for 2022 is below:

“Helping other job seekers while you’re job searching can be a gateway to that one yes. If a recruiter reaches out to you about a job that’s not a good fit for you, pass it along. If you see a job posting on LinkedIn, tag another job seeker or share the post. One minute of your time can change someone else’s life. Let’s call it career karma. It really does come back, and it can change your life as well. So hold the door open for other job seekers and lift while you climb.”

14. Claire M. Davis | Owner and Founder of Traction Resume

Claire’s advice for job searchers in 2022:

“In 2022, the most valuable thing any job seeker can do is to take the time to establish a clear target. Without it, efforts become scattered, frustrating, and futile. But once job seekers place their aim on a few specific targets, every effort – from the resume to networking to interview prep — can stem from that singular goal. That is when great traction happens toward ‘right fit’ careers.”

15. Meg Applegate | Founder, Resume Writer, Certified Personal Branding Strategist, and Job Search Coach at Hinge Resume

Meg’s 2022 advice for job searchers:

“Get clear on who you are and where you are going. Know (and be able to articulate) your unique promise of value in the marketplace on your resume, online and in-person. Now more than ever, you need to align your secret sauce (and value) with the pain points of your target companies.

The 2022 job search is all about marketing. Position yourself as the solution to a company’s problems. While talking about your gifts, talents and accomplishments may make you squirm, the truth is you have a unique blend of experiences and skills that they need! So do the work to make it easy for your network to connect you to internal champions and decision-makers so employers will be tripping over themselves to hire you.”

16. Lezlie Garr | Master Resume Writer, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Career Transition Coach, and Founder of Resume Lezlie

Lezlie’s advice for job searchers:

“My top advice for job searchers in 2022 is to seize this moment – this shift in power back into the hands of employees, rather than employers. This is the first time in a while that the power dynamic has shifted this way, and who knows when it will shift back.

So, get clear on your nice-to-haves and non-negotiables.

Target companies that stand for the things you value.

Learn how to negotiate from a position of power.

And build a strong professional network.

These are the things that will help you leverage the power job seekers and employees have at this moment.”

17. Jess Smith | Career Coach and Job Search Enthusiast at Jess Smith Coaching

Jess’s advice for job searchers in 2022 is below:

“My top advice for job searchers in 2022 is to spend time getting crystal clear on the career path you want to pursue.  You should be able to state the role that you want and WHY you want it!  The why is a piece that I notice many tend to skip over.  Once you have career clarity, the job search becomes so much easier because everything – resume, networking, interview prep, etc – is all moving cohesively in one direction.”

18. Loren Greiff | President of

Loren’s advice for job searchers:

“Treat your search as an integrated marketing campaign, with YOU as the product and service. This immediately helps to be seen as a solution, and differentiated standout candidate. 

When you have that clarity, consistently share your message across multiple touchpoints including:  

  • Your current network and new connections
  • On your optimized Linkedin profile
  • Through social media content and comments 
  • With your personal brand  
  • In detail with metrics on your resume 
  • During the interviewing process
  • As you’re following up and with your thank you’s

Gone are the days of simply making minor updates to your resume, and winging the interview. 

You might have to go slow(er) in the beginning, to allow you to go faster to hire.”

19. Virginia Franco | Founder/Owner, 5X Certified Executive Career Storyteller, LinkedIn, and Resume Writer at Virginia Franco Resumes

Here is Virginia’s advice for job searchers in 2022:

“Make sure your resume is written for today’s online skim reader. This means avoiding dense paragraphs, never cramming bullets together, and front-loading accomplishments by leading with the good stuff.”

20. Ricklyn Woods, SHRM-SCP | HR Consultant and Career Coach at ProActive HR Solutions, LLC

Ricklyn’s job searching advice for 2022:

“If you’re looking to level up your career in 2022, write your resume for the job you want, not the job you have. So often I see resumes that are written like a transcript of their career instead of the marketing document it needs to be. People tend to list all their tasks and responsibilities. Many of which they don’t even want to do in their next job. The key is to focus on highlighting the skills and accomplishments that are MOST relevant to the target position.”

21. Jill Katz | Chief People Officer at Assemble HR Consulting

Below is Jill’s advice for job searchers in 2022:

“The key to a successful job search is to shift your mindset from “Job Search” to “Relationship Building Journey.”  Oftentimes, the feeling that we need to ‘search’ for a job comes with tremendous pressure, fear, and apprehension.  When we shift our mindset to the idea of going out to meet people and build relationships, we can be far more relaxed, approachable, and authentic.  People are happy to meet, help and connect with others.  It gets more challenging when we are asking for jobs.  Instead, at the end of a coffee chat, ask, “who are 2 people you know that I should know” and offer the same back.”

22. Adam Posner | Founder and President at NHP Talent Group

Below is Adam’s advice for job searchers:

“My top advice would be to treat the job search as you would your actual job: with focus, discipline, organization, and strategy.” 

23. Dan Roth | Global Recruitment Consultant at Dan Roth Consulting

Dan’s advice for job searchers in 2022:

Be proud of the differences that make you unique. So often job seekers try to fit into someone else’s idea of an ideal candidate that they forget recruiters are not looking for your best impression of someone else, we are looking for YOU.”

24. Kenneth Lang | Co-Founder at My Networking Central

Kenneth’s advice for 2022 job searchers:

“(1) be focused when searching – determine target companies and use your network and LinkedIn connections to help you engage with them –  (2) be specific when asking others for help and (3) don’t go it alone – put together an accountability team or what I call a job search ‘posse’ where team members support each other”.

25. Julia Rock | CEO | Head (Career) Coach at Rock Career Development

Julia’s advice for 2022 job searchers:

“My advice to job-seekers in 2022 is to focus on building your personal brand and value proposition, especially online. This will exponentially help to lighten the load of your job search. 

Showcase your value and expertise in such a way that companies can immediately see why you would be a great addition to their organization. 

When you create an irresistible brand, that’s what will have recruiters and hiring managers reaching out to you, instead of the other way around!”

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