The world of work is rapidly changing, and staying competitive in today’s job market requires savvy networking skills, an eye for opportunity, and knowledge of the latest trends. 

This is why knowing who to turn to for advice can help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Every year, Jobscan honors those experts on LinkedIn who consistently provide valuable career advice to their followers. 

Here are Jobscan’s choices for the 10 individuals who have earned our recognition as the top job search experts on LinkedIn in 2023.

#1 Ashley Watkins, Job Search and Interview Coach

Ashley Watkins is a job search coach and nationally certified résumé writer who helps people identify their career goals and develop the skills they need to achieve them.

Ashley has a deep understanding of the latest trends in the job market and how to make sure her clients stay ahead of the competition.

“My passion,” she says, “is highlighting clients’ ‘it factor’ in resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and interviews — positioning them for 6-figure salaries with Fortune 500 brands.”

On LinkedIn, Ashley writes about how to prepare for interviews, network with confidence, negotiate salary offers, and write polished resumes. 

Watch Ashley Watkins talk about how to keep your cover letters trim and slim (from last year’s No Fear Job Search Virtual Summit):

#2 Sarah Johnston, Founder of Briefcase Coach

For 15 years, Sarah Johnston has improved the lives of job seekers by helping them craft the narrative of their professional lives into the form of a modern resume.

“It’s hard to tell your own story,” Sarah says. “I help my clients think bigger.”

As the founder of her own resume-writing service, Sarah is passionate about helping others reach their true potential. She believes that everyone has something unique to offer and deserves to be seen for who they truly are.

A featured writer on LinkedIn, Sarah offers practical advice on how to create rich and ATS-friendly resumes, how to figure out your strengths, and how to navigate the many challenges of searching for a job in 2023.

Watch Sarah Johnston answer “What does an executive resume look like?”

#3 Michael Quinn, Founder and CEO of HireMilitary

An Army Veteran who served for 24 years, Michael Quinn is dedicated to helping military members successfully transition to the private sector.

He does this by working with industry leaders, teaching workshops on military installations, and advising the Army on transition assistance programs.

Thanks to his hard work, Michael has already positively impacted the lives of over 100,000 Veterans. 

On LinkedIn, Michael writes about the value of networking and continuing education and often shares inspiring stories of Veterans who have successfully transitioned to civilian life.

Watch Michael Quinn talk about transitioning out of the military:

#4 Ana Lokotkova, Career Coach & Personal Branding Strategist

A former recruiter, Ana Lokotkova helps job seekers find meaningful employment quickly – without relying on outdated approaches that don’t work anymore.

Ana believes that every individual has something special to offer and is capable of creating a captivating career story.

“Your career story is more than some keywords, resume templates, or lists of buzzwords,” says Ana. “It’s what makes you DIFFERENT from anyone else in your industry and profession.”

On LinkedIn, Ana writes about using ChatGPT in your job search, preparing for interviews, and how to weave your career story into your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Watch Ana Lokotkova talk about how to make your LinkedIn profile recruiter-friendly (from Jobscan’s No Fear Job Search Virtual Summit):

#5 Kenneth Lang, Job Search Strategist

Kenneth Lang is a professional career coach and resume writer who specializes in helping job seekers over the age of 45.

With his deep knowledge of LinkedIn, Kenneth teaches his clients and followers how to use the platform to build a following, attract the attention of prospective employers, and make connections. 

As a self-described introvert, Kenneth knows first-hand how difficult it can be to put yourself “out there” in order to network and has developed strategies to help other introverts navigate those challenges. 

On LinkedIn, Kenneth writes about networking basics, the emotional toll of job searching, using ChatGPT, resume writing, and more…

Watch Kenneth Lang discuss ChatGPT and how it will affect job search:

#6 Nii Ato Bentsi-Enchill, Founder of Avenir Careers

Nii Ato Bentsi-Enchill is a holistic career coach who helps people achieve success while remaining true to themselves. 

Nii Ato was born in London, grew up in New York City, and finished school in Ghana. Today he works with professionals of color to help them create meaningful careers.

“My approach,” he tells clients, “integrates the personal with the professional because your happiness requires both to be in sync.”

On LinkedIn, Nii Ato writes about the mental, emotional, and behavioral roadblocks that prevent job seekers from fulfilling their potential. 

Watch Nii Ato Bentsi-Enchill on how to tell a compelling story with your resume (from Jobscan’s No Fear Job Search Virtual Summit):

#7 Miriam Spinner, Positive Intelligence Coach

As one of the few female engineers at her first job out of college, Miriam Spinner quickly realized how important it was to be true to herself instead of trying to fit in with everyone else. 

She now passes on this realization to her clients, helping them take stock of their superpowers and tap into what makes them unique.

The key to a successful job search, according to Miriam, is to “know yourself. Learn about your core values, and what is meaningful to you.”

On LinkedIn, Miriam talks about the best way to prepare for a layoff, changing careers, how to stop feeling overwhelmed during a job search, and more.

Watch Miriam Spinner talk about how to use LinkedIn to expedite your job search (from last year’s No Fear Job Search Virtual Summit):

#8 Jasmine Escalera, Career Empowerment Coach

As a Latina who was the first in her family to go to college and then earn a PhD., Jasmine Escalera is dedicated to empowering women of color to fulfill their highest potential in the corporate world and beyond.

Her ultimate goal is “to create the spaces women need to focus on our careers in a safe and powerful way…and to take back our power as we redefine career success on our terms.”

Jasmine helps women develop essential skills such as communication, networking, interviewing, and professional development. She believes that “the key to success is to become visible and stay visible in the corporate world.”

On LinkedIn, Jasmine writes about the biggest mistakes job seekers make, how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile, and how to overcome a fear of networking.

Watch Jasmine Escalera talk about how to build the confidence and mindset to make your next career move (from last year’s No Fear Job Search Virtual Summit):

#9 John Marty, Career Strategies, Mindset, Financial Freedom

An entrepreneur and career advisor, John Marty is on a mission to help people take control of their lives, find clarity and purpose, and be happy.

In 2012 John sold his electronics company for millions of dollars – only to lose it all when his new company failed two years later. At age 31, he was broke with a baby on the way and no job prospects. 

After working at Best Buy for $12 an hour, he reinvented himself by getting an MBA at the University of Colorado and then, thanks to his LinkedIn profile, landed a job at Amazon. 

“My journey,” he says, “ has led to a deep sense of perspective, humility, and purpose that I draw on to help others find clarity, meaning, and happiness in their careers and lives.”

On LinkedIn, John posts regularly about topics such as resume writing, networking tips, interview preparation advice, and staying relevant in a rapidly changing job market. 

Watch John Marty talk about salary negotiation pitfalls:

#10 Lisa Orbé-Austin, co-founder of Dynamic Transitions Psychological Consulting

With her unique blend of psychology and business expertise, Lisa Orbé-Austin motivates people to reach peak performance, both personally and professionally.

She does this largely by focusing on mental health, addressing topics like burnout, imposter syndrome, and how to deal with the negative influence of our inner critic.

Recently, she gave a popular TEDx talk entitled “The Impostor Syndrome Paradox,” which explores how to use imposter syndrome as a tool for self-discovery and growth (see below).

On LinkedIn, Lisa’s articles teach readers how to best manage their performance reviews, practice compassion and vulnerability, and use mindfulness to overcome the fear of failure.

Watch Lisa Orbé-Austin talk about the “Imposter Syndrome Paradox”:

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