Administrative Assistant Resume Examples, Skills, and Keywords

Deciding what to put on your attorney resume can be intimidating. This guide provides tips and examples for how to craft a resume that can help you land your ideal job as an attorney.

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Attorney Resume Sample

Getting hired as an attorney can be an arduous task. With so many attorneys out there, the job market for this position can be over-saturated. Even so, many people go to law school with the dream of landing a job with a top firm – leading to even more competition.

To be hired as an attorney, you must stand out among other applicants. The first and most important step in doing so is by creating an incredible resume. Take a look at the following attorney resume examples for help and inspiration.


Cincinnati, OH • (555) 123-4567 • •


Exceptional record of achievement overseeing litigation, contract negotiations, employment law, policy development, and regulatory compliance functions. Proven ability to mitigate risk exposure, reduce or eliminate penalties, and resolve complex issues.


Contract Preparation | HIPAA Compliance | Motions • Pleadings | Discovery Requests & Responses | Legal Research & Correspondence | Docket Management | Memorandums • Arguments | Mediation | Compliance | Problem Solving | Client Relations | Public Speaking | Project Management | Litigation | Depositions | Trial Preparation | Insurance Reporting | Negotiation Strategies

The Smith Law Firm, PLLC, Cincinnati, OH • Attorney
(1/2017 - Present)

Develop and manage insurance defense and personal injury cases for this well-known family law firm. Prepare and present motions in court throughout the state of Ohio. Conduct legal research, draft motions, pleadings, discovery requests and responses, deposition summaries, reports, and correspondence. Communicate extensively with clients and key stakeholders, serving as primary point of contact for clients.

  • Participate in an average of 35 cases annually.
  • Contribute to a high percentage of cases avoiding trial and reaching favorable decisions for clients.
  • Improved efficiency by updating case studies and discovery processes.
  • Authored a summary judgment brief for a premises liability case that resulted in the opposing counsel dropping their case.
Law Office of Jennifer J. Smith, PLLC, Dayton, OH • Principal/Attorney
(02/2015 - Present)

Opened and managed a private general practice focused on contract and HIPAA document drafting and review for clients in the healthcare industry. Employed two Associate Attorneys, one paralegal, and one research intern.

  • Led legal proceedings including final orders on HIPAA violations and medical malpractice negotiations which ended favorably for a high percentage of the firm’s clients.
Johnson & Miller, LLP, Athens, OH • Associate Attorney
(01/2014 - 01/2015)

Promoted to perform case development and management for medical malpractice defense, general litigation, and other health law cases. Served as Second Chair at trials. Represented medical professionals in state board, HIPAA compliance, and contract review matters.

  • Facilitated growth by developing the employment contract and state board/healthcare law services practice and expanded service offerings to include practice buyouts and HIPAA law work.
  • Served as Second Chair for an important medical malpractice trial which was resolved in the client’s favor.
  • Drafted a report on new HIPAA requirements. Also conducted a breach analysis and prepared several contract addendums for clients.
Johnson & Miller, LLP, Athens, OH • Associate Attorney • Post-Bar Clerkship
(08/2012 - 12/2013)

Managed cases for the firm’s civil litigation docket, including medical malpractice defense and health law matters. Prepared motions, pleadings, and memorandums. Conducted legal research and authored arguments and authorities.

Johnson & Miller, LLP, Athens, OH • Associate Attorney • Legal Clerkship
(08/2012 - 12/2013)

Provided assistance with family law, personal injury, and medical malpractice cases. Drafted motions, memorandums, contracts, correspondence, and orders. Carried out legal research and filed court documents.

Education and Certifications
University of Cincinnati College of Law, Cincinnati, OH • Juris Doctor
  • Dean’s List student and recipient of Dean’s Scholarship
  • Recipient, University of Cincinnati Public Interest Law Fellowship
  • Teaching Assistant: “Legal Analysis Research & Writing.”
  • Treasurer, Family Law Student Association.
Ohio University, Athens, OH • Bachelor of Science in Political Science
  • Member, Leadership Scholars Program
  • Member, Ohio University Honors College
  • Recipient, OU Presidential Scholarship


Resume written by Erin Kennedy, CPRW

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Attorney Resume Skills and Keywords

When searching for job candidates, many hiring managers and partners in law firms use programs called applicant tracking systems, or ATS. Instead of the manager having to physically search through every application, an ATS scans resumes for keywords that match the job descriptions.

By using strategic attorney resume skills and specific attorney resume keywords, your resume will rank high with the ATS. The higher you rank in the ATS, the higher your chances of being noticed, interviewed, and hired.

Top Hard and Soft Attorney Resume Skills

  • Corporate law
  • Settlement
  • Antitrust law
  • Tort law
  • Mediation
  • Trial preparation
  • Product liability
  • Oral and written communication
  • Legal analysis and research
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal communications
  • Organizational skills
  • Litigating
  • Strong work ethic
  • Attention to detail
  • Patent law
  • Drafting
  • Creative problem solving
  • Intellectual abilities
  • Technology skills
  • Knowledge of legal procedure
  • Collaboration or teamwork
  • Flexibility or adaptability
  • Good judgment
  • Advocacy
  • Diligence
  • Planning and strategizing
  • Project management
  • Integrity and trustworthiness
  • Dedication to clients
  • Commitment to firm
  • Effective stress management
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Initiative and independence
  • Strong grasp of strengths and limitations

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Attorney Resume Writing Tips‌

When creating your resume, the following eight tips can help you stand out in a sea of applicants.

Tip # 1: Focus On Your Objective‌

Your resume objective is the first taste the viewer gets of the rest of your document. It tells a hiring manager whether they should continue reading or move on to the next candidate. As such, it is essential that you use this space to make a strong case as to why you should be hired. Some ways to do that include:

  • State how long you have worked in the legal field as well as the main duties you have experience with
  • Summarize your education and the most relevant skills
  • State what makes you a great candidate for the position you want

Keep it short but make sure it is solid and convincing. This one section could potentially make or break your chances of being hired.

Tip # 2: Make Soft Skills a Priority

Your legal skills and experience are important, but soft skills are also essential. If faced with choosing between a legal expert with a few soft skills and someone with less experience but many soft skills, many hiring managers will prefer those with more soft skills. This is because job-related skills can be taught and learned through work experience. Soft skills, however, take time to develop.

Tip # 3: Devise a Strong Work Experience Section

You do not have to add every single duty you have ever performed to your work experience, but you want to be sure you add the most relevant ones. Also, point out any significant accomplishments related to your field.

Tip # 4: Avoid Passive Language

When writing your resume, write in an active tone. For instance, do not say you were “responsible for organizing client meetings.” State instead that you “Planned and organized client meetings.” Other actions verbs that do well include the following:

  • Formalized
  • Mentored
  • Collaborated
  • Overhauled
  • Devised
  • Spearheaded
  • Directed
  • Expedited‌

Words such as these help you look more proactive and action-based than their passive counterparts.

Tip # 5: Add Numbers Where Possible

Numbers can help to visibly showcase your expertise. If you completed a lot of networking and brought in several new clients to your previous firm, be sure you add this to your resume. However, instead of simply stating that you drove in a more extensive clientele, try to do so with specifics. For example, instead of saying, “Attracted new clients,” say, “Increased clientele by 30%.”

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