Pharmacy Technician Resume Examples, Skills, and Keywords

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Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample

Pharmacy technicians work in retail and hospital pharmacies under the supervision of a pharmacist. They assemble medications and dispense them to customers and health professionals. Additionally, they are responsible for filing and checking medical records.

Thanks to the growing demand for pharmaceutical services, the demand for pharmacy technicians is high, and there can be a lot of competition for available positions. You might find yourself competing with dozens or even hundreds of other applicants. At big organizations like hospitals, hiring managers don’t have time to closely read every resume they receive. Instead, they skim-read or use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to check resumes for keywords.

It’s helpful to have plenty of work experience, but being able to explain how those experiences made you a good employee matters too. A well-written resume that includes the top pharmacy technician resume keywords makes you more likely to land the job. You can check out a tailored pharmacy technician resume sample below.


Atlanta, GA 30312 • (555) 555-1234 • •


Assist the pharmacists in providing quality pharmaceutical care to all patients by performing technical duties in the pharmacy department, working under the direct supervision of the Pharmacist and/or the Technician Supervisor. Experience in areas including: Purchasing/Inventory Control, Controlled Substance Distribution, and Specialty IV Admixture (Chemotherapy, Intrathecal, Epidural, Sterile Syringes, IVIG and Prolastin, etc.) Must show demonstrated knowledge of USP 797 requirements.


Clinical Program Management | Program Improvements | Policies & Protocols | Drug Information Requests | Clinical Claims Rejection Resolution | Emerging Clinical Trends | Formulary Information | HIPAA | Relationship Building | People Management

Wellstar Health System, Atlanta, GA • Pharmacy Technician II - Outpatient
(06/2020) - Present
  • Interpret and enter prescriptions
  • Answers, resolves and triages inbound inquiries
  • Understanding of 3rd party insurances and follow-through of insurance-related issues
  • Resolves insurance-related issues and assists patients with various forms of financial assistance
  • Professional filling of prescriptions (right medication, right dosage, right amount)
  • Identifies medications requiring special storage and/or handling such as hazardous medications and/or refrigerated medications
  • Identify and assembling supplies necessary for selected medications such as sharps containers, needles/syringes, alcohol swabs, band-aids
  • Prepares medication for delivery to patients and departments
  • Communicates directly with patients over the phone to assist them in the awareness of their medications
  • Inventory Control (maintaining a lean inventory)
  • Ordering medications and supplies using applicable technology
  • Actively participates in process improvement timelines initiatives
  • Provide outbound therapy/medication adherence checkups
Education and Certifications
University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL • Bachelor of Science (BS) - Biology

Certified Pharmacy Technician from the National Technician Licensing Board, Registered with the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy

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Pharmacy Technician Resume Skills and Keywords

Including specific resume keywords on your application ensures that your resume will get noticed, which boosts your odds of being called in for an interview. Some common resume skills, like clear communication and customer service experience, transfer perfectly to the role of pharmacy technician.

Top Pharmacy Technician Resume Skills

  • Customer service experience
  • Performing inventory audits
  • Purchasing supplies and medication
  • Processing patient insurance
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Reading and interpreting physician’s medication orders
  • Computer proficiency
  • Math proficiency
  • Knowledge of pharmacy information systems
  • Experience in a fast-paced work environment
  • Counting prescription medications
  • Filling prescriptions
  • Typing and attaching medication labels
  • Ability to follow safety procedures
  • Knowledge of proper drug handling and storage practices
  • Answering phone calls
  • Punctuality
  • Organization
  • Familiarity with inventory control practices
  • Typing proficiency
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Processing and dispensing medications
  • Courteousness
  • Task prioritization skills
  • Ability to operate devices such as scan guns, tablet counters, and cash registers
  • Ability to make independent decisions
  • Re-packaging and labeling medications

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5 Resume Writing Tips for Pharmacy Technician

Tip #1: Include a resume objective

A resume objective concisely summarizes why you want the job and why you are the best candidate for it. The objective should be no more than one or two sentences. It should be placed at the top of the resume, after your name and contact information but before your job history. Remember, the resume objective is a short pitch, not an exhaustive argument. It’s there to catch the interest of hiring managers and convince them to keep reading.

Tip #2: Use strong action verbs

Writing a good pharmacy technician resume isn’t just about what you say, but how you say it. Use strong, clear action verbs to emphasize your ability to get things done and make your resume memorable.

Avoid words like “tried”, “attempted” or “did”. A statement like “Tried to maintain organized patient files” sounds half-hearted. “Maintained an organized system for patient files”, on the other hand, establishes that you succeeded in your task. The word “did” is too vague to be memorable, and easily becomes repetitive in a bullet-pointed resume. Instead of saying something like “I did prescription refills,” say, “Refilled medication prescriptions.”

Tip #3: Leverage your past experience

Even if you don’t have much experience as a pharmacy technician, you almost certainly have pharmacy technician skills. For example, if you’ve done any kind of retail work, you have customer service experience. If you’ve ever held a job where you had to answer phone calls, you have verbal communication skills. If you’ve worked in a warehouse, you know something about managing inventory. All of these talents should be included in your resume.

Of course, if you have previously worked as a pharmacy technician or in a similar capacity, that’s even better. Be sure to list jobs you’ve held that are similar to the job you’re applying for. If the job description calls for specific skills that you used in a past experience, list those skills in your job history.

Tip #4: List specific accomplishments

Instead of vague generalities like “I type fast”, use precise wording like “Types 90 words per minute”. Employers have no way of knowing what you consider “fast,” but “90 words a minute” is a clear and impressive skill. Listing specific accomplishments backed up by numbers proves that you know what your strengths are.

For every skill you think of, come up with an example of how you used it in a previous job. Then describe that example with strong, detailed language. If a past employer praised you for getting a difficult task done, include that task. That way, if the hiring manager calls them as a reference, the employer can confirm the accomplishment and maybe even add approving details.

Tip #5: Be concise‌

Some hiring managers won’t even read a resume that’s longer than one page. You should remove all unnecessary information from your resume, leaving only the highlights. You don’t need to include your entire job history, just the experiences that are relevant to working as a pharmacy technician.

Once you’ve selected your most relevant jobs, find the most relevant skills from those experiences. For example, if you worked as a cashier in a grocery store, you probably learned how to clean up spilled produce and how to interact with customers. Cleaning isn’t an important skill for a pharmacy technician, but interacting with customers is, so that’s the skill you should include on your resume.

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