In conjunction with Jobscan‘s new resume optimization checks — which include formatting checks for headings, dates, file types, and more — we’ve invited career coaches and resume writers to share exclusive resume templates with our readers. Next up is Ebony Joyce out of the Indianapolis area. Be sure to follow her on LinkedIn and check out her website.

Learn more about Jobscan’s new resume checks at the bottom of this article, or try them out for yourself.

About Ebony Joyce

As a former co-owner of a recruiting and placement agency, Ebony Joyce knows how to effectively market candidates and “sell” their qualifications to potential employers. Ebony has worked closely with employers to incorporate their feedback of how they analyze resumes to ensure the content meets their criteria and effectively highlights the value you will bring to the organization.

Your resume and cover letter are the primary sales tools to make a first impression. On average recruiters will spend less than 10 second reviewing your resume thus making the visual appearance of your resume an important aspect. After 7 years of continuously helping others effectively find new jobs, make a career changes or negotiate a salary she realized the aspects of recruiting she enjoyed the most involve helping candidates with:

• Overall confidence and job search preparation
• Resumes revision
• Interview preparation

Next Level Career Services, LLC, was founded with the goal of giving mid to senior level professionals the tools they need to successfully reach the next steps in their career. Drawing on their vast expertise in recruiting and placement. They understand how to effectively bring world class employers and best in class employees together for their mutual benefit.

Download Ebony’s resume template

Ebony Joyce featured resume template for download
Download .docx

Why do you recommend this resume template?

Many applicants will still be using a typical basic resume, which just makes this custom resume template stand out from the crowd immediately. This template is recommended because it works great as a checklist guiding you section by section with what to include; if you decide that a section isn’t needed or doesn’t apply, simply remove it.

Additionally, this template will allow you to focus on what is important. Jobseekers are so focused on getting the layout right that they overlook the content. It is easy to forget the content but this will be at the forefront of your thinking with a ready-to-use resume template.

What’s new at Jobscan

Jobscan‘s resume optimization tool now checks your formatting based on applicant tracking system and recruiter best practices. New intelligent checks make even the best resume templates more ATS compatible and recruiter-friendly than ever.

ATS Checks

Need more ideas? Check out Jobscan’s new ATS-friendly resume templates.

Recruiter Checks

  • Measurable results, word count, and words to avoid
  • Sentence length NEW
  • Predicted skills missing from the job description NEW
  • Industry-specific insights NEW

Keep an eye out for additional new features. Jobscan is updated every two weeks and new formatting checks are on the way!

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