Free Google Docs Resume Templates for Drive.

If you’re one of the many people that has become accustomed to using Google Docs rather than a traditional word processor through school, work, or personal projects, you can extend its use into your job search with these free Google Docs resume templates.

Google Docs Resume Templates from Google Drive

The first place to start browsing if you’re on the hunt for a Google Docs resume template is Google Drive itself. You’ll find five different resume templates with slightly different formats in the “template gallery” within Google Drive. Any one of these free templates would make a great starting point for your resume.

The best part about using a template provided by Google Drive is that you don’t have to worry about wonky formatting after uploading the template. These will always be compatible with Google Docs.

One of my favorites for ATS compatibility is called “Serif”.

google docs resume

Microsoft Office Resume Templates Compatible with Google Docs

Microsoft Office is the mecca of resume templates and they are compatible with Google Docs, though it requires a little more effort.

If you’re working on a Mac or PC, you can save the template as a word doc in Microsoft Word, then head over to your Google Drive and select “file upload.” Once you select the Microsoft Word document, it’ll appear in your drive and can be edited from there.

If you don’t have access to Microsoft Word, the process is still easy: download the template you want to use here and upload it to Google Drive or Docs. Then, you can edit it exactly as you would in Word.

Word has a pretty impressive assortment of resume and cover letter templates, including the functional resume template below.

word google docs

Jobscan ATS-Friendly Resume Templates

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are used by the vast majority of companies to help manage large amounts of applications. Most ATS take the information from your resume and move it into a candidate profile, which a recruiter may then find via a keyword search.

Unfortunately, not all resume templates play well with ATS. The formatting needs to be just right in order for your resume to be parsed accurately and found by a recruiter in the system. Using a template built for ATS is a great option for online applications, and Jobscan offers 20 free ATS-friendly resume templates that can be opened directly in Google Docs. (Get a bonus template here.)

Jobscan mimics the most common behaviors found in top applicant tracking systems to optimize your resume and catch critical problems with your Google resume template. Upload your resume and paste in a job description on the Jobscan homepage or simply paste the text below to receive a free and instant analysis.

VisualCV Resume Templates Add On

VisualCV offers six free Google Docs resume templates as part of the Resume Builder add-on (through Google’s Chrome web browser and Google Drive).

If you’re having trouble choosing just one template from the selection, remember to keep the design simple. The only exception would be if you work in a creative field (like graphic design) or if you are absolutely sure that your resume is not being passed through an ATS, as special designs and characters can trip up the system.

What I like most about VisualCV’s resume templates is that they are slightly less basic and would be ideal for advanced and specialized resumes. For example, the template below has the option of a summary statement and multiple pages, which works well for those in education or some medical professions.

google docs resumes

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