One of the top questions job seekers ask is: how can I easily make my resume ATS-compatible? Now we have a (completely free) tool that can convert any resume into an ATS-friendly format. 

What does ATS-friendly mean? It means your resume can be easily and accurately parsed by applicant tracking systems.

What resume format is best for applicant tracking systems?

As always, we recommend using a hybrid resume format. This layout gives recruiters a complete look at your work history and designates space to highlight your core skills. If a skills section doesn’t make sense for your particular industry or profession, a chronological format will work just fine, too.

Avoid using a functional resume format. Although this format can communicate your skills, it often leaves out important work history information that recruiters and applicant tracking systems need to build complete candidate profiles. 

5 resume formatting tips

The best way to convert your resume to an ATS-friendly format is to use our free converter. But if you want to make manual changes, you can use the tips below.

1. Don’t use tables or columns. We know, it’s boring. And it’s true that tables and columns can improve readability for human readers. But unfortunately, they still cause frequent parsing errors in the ATS.

2. Use a screen-friendly, traditional font. For readability, it’s best to use a traditional serif or sans serif font. Some ATS will automatically change unfamiliar fonts which can alter the design of your resume.

3. Don’t use headers or footers. The information in headers and footers may get lost or cause parsing errors inside and ATS.

4. Use standard resume section headings. Section headers like “Where I’ve Been” in place of “Work Experience” may confuse applicant tracking systems, causing them to organize information incorrectly.

5. Save your file as a .docx or .pdf. These formats work best for parsing.

Use Jobscan’s free resume converter tool

Our resume converter is the quickest and easiest way to convert your resume to an easily parsable and readable format. Upload your resume, choose your template, and you’re done! Try the resume converter now!

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