The Jobscan for Universities Featured Partners series showcases how our Career Services partners are utilizing Jobscan to increase placement rates for students and alumni. Discover how Jobscan has impacted their programming, improved efficiency, and increased placement rates.

Featured Partners

Yeshiva University

The Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development is proud to provide the Jobscan platform to our students. We have been in need of a technology product that would enhance the success of our students in their internship and job searches. Aware that our students are highly qualified and accomplished, it was our intention to make sure that employers were seeing their resumes. We often discuss that albeit student resumes being always well formatted, improvements in language can often lead to even great results. Enter Jobscan!

Once Susan Bauer, our executive director connected me to University Partnerships, I did not hesitate in exploring and testing the product, quickly coming to the determination that we needed to learn more. We implemented Jobscan by testing it with a number of students of various majors, classes, and intended industries. This allowed us to see how it would work with scholars from different paths. During the initial appointments, our advising team witnessed how the students took to the system, how adjusting their resumes to meet a job description could lead to high match rates or enhance those with already high match rates, and how it provided confidence in applying for jobs. This experience was fruitful as we quickly learned that students enjoyed the ease of use of the system, and began analyzing their resumes for every application.

“Almost instantly, when working through a Jobscan advising session, you can see the student’s eyes open and their confidence rise.”

— Joshua Meredith, J.D., Yeshiva University

Students need tools to help them in the current marketplace for internships and full-time jobs. In addition to tools, they need both the confidence and some assurance that when they submit an application it might lead to a positive outcome. This physiological barrier is something that holds many students back from sending in their application. Almost instantly, when working through a Jobscan advising session, you can see the student’s eyes open and their confidence rise.

We have students who have now submitted their resumes and Linkedin profiles dozens of times. These students have increased their chances of earning interviews and obtaining roles. Giving our students a tool like Jobscan allows our community to prosper and meet the needs of both the Shevet Glaubach Center and University.

Special Thanks to:

Joshua Meredith, J.D.

Director of Career Advising and Technology Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development Yeshiva University

Northwestern University

Our nine-person Alumni Career & Professional Development Team at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University serves over 65,000 alumni globally. Our mission is to

  • Enable alumni to Own their Own Careers
  • Facilitate lifelong learning and development
  • Increase alumni collaboration, community, and engagement

One of our goals is to increase self-directed and peer learning for our alumni. The pandemic has accelerated this goal due to the economic uncertainty and social isolation that have resulted. In a typical year, our coaches schedule approximately 3,000 one-on-one coaching sessions with alumni. As the demands for our coaching have increased, we have been looking for ways to scale. We have increased our career and professional development webinars to 24 per year during the pandemic. In addition, we have converted in person workshops to digital delivery with interactive breakout rooms, developed a robust slate of virtual networking programs organized by industry/function/geography, and scaled our four-week Job Search Groups to accommodate up to 135 alumni in a single group on Zoom (trying for a world record).

“Prior to using the platform, I felt as if I wasn’t having any luck hearing back from companies […] After using Jobscan and fixing my resume to be more tailored, I immediately started hearing back from companies. In fact, I just signed an offer for a new position.”

Alumnus Testimonial

Jobscan has been an essential addition to our resources when coaching appointments are in such high demand. It has helped our alumni tailor their resumes to successfully navigate Applicant Tracking Systems and target their LinkedIn profiles to increase their chances of coming up in a recruiters’ Boolean search to identify candidates. We have pushed out Jobscan as a resource at the conclusion of our Job Search Groups as a way for alumni to maintain the momentum in their job search. Over 115 alumni have registered and used Jobscan with over 1,150 scans in all. Jobscan has helped our alumni identify the right key words to use in their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Moreover, they can leverage these same key words and language during their networking and interviews to better connect with recruiters and employers.

Quotes from Alumni

“I had signed up for an alumni workshop through Kellogg tailored towards kicking off my job search, and they mentioned Jobscan as a resource. I definitely think that using Jobscan helped with my job search. Prior to using the platform, I felt as if I wasn’t having any luck hearing back from companies I was sending my resume to or applying to via LinkedIn. After using Jobscan and fixing my resume to be more tailored, I immediately started hearing back from companies. In fact, I just signed an offer for a new position.”

“Jobscan was good, especially at the beginning to come up with my base resume and on LinkedIn.”

“Jobscan helped me identify some of the keywords while comparing a job description to my resume. This helped me to improve efficiency of my job application process. I would recommend this to others.”

Special Thanks to:


Matthew Temple

Senior Director Alumni Career & Professional Development Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University


Regina Bruske-Wootton

Program Manager Alumni Career & Professional Development Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

Baylor University

The Baylor University Career Center is proud to be an early adopter of leading-edge career tools and data analytics. We are constantly evaluating tools to increase and impact student performance related to internship and job placement success.

When we came across Jobscan as a tool for the individual job seeker, we knew this would be a game-changer for Baylor students. After several calls and meetings with Jobscan leadership, Baylor became the first academic institutional customer of Jobscan.

We incorporated Jobscan immediately into our daily career coaching operations across the university and through our mandatory and elective career classes. We knew having an automated AI-based system could provide quality insights into the résumé development process for our students.

The detailed match rate score report and analysis from the system allows our students to realize what might be missing and make edits to their résumé before submitting their application. It is a way to ensure they capitalize on all their skills related to the job description.

“We found that students saw significant results and increased their first-round interviews anywhere from 30-70% […] It has become one of the most valuable and effective tools in the career center.”

— Michael Estepp, Baylor University Career Center

After we started using Jobscan in career coaching appointments and developed in-class assignments around résumé fitting, we found that students saw significant results and increased their first-round interviews anywhere from 30-70%. Of course, students were excited to see these results! Some of our students were not getting the traction they deserved because of résumé oversights. It has become one of the most valuable and effective tools in the career center. Our students utilize Jobscan regularly and appreciate the value of it is a career search tool.

The Baylor University Career Center relies on Jobscan to help our students maximize their potential on their résumés and it helps to make our coaching appointments more efficient and productive. We remain dedicated to providing our students with world-class career support and recognize the role Jobscan plays in helping our students find career success.

Special Thanks to:

Michael Estepp

Director Baylor University Career Center

Austin Community College

Austin Community College District serves Central Texas as the primary gateway to higher education and technical training. The college is a proud catalyst for social equity, with a student body that mirrors the demographics of its large service area (the size of the state of New Jersey). The college is particularly committed to ensuring the equitable career outcomes and trajectories of its widely diverse student population.

When the Digital Skills for Today’s Jobs program started, our goal was to help women over 50 gain the skills they needed to get a meaningful job. Our students arrived overwhelmed and anxious, uncertain about how to approach such a massive task. We were working with many women who had taken time off to care for kids or family members, and they came to us with significant gaps in technology knowledge. Our aim was to bring them up to speed and expose them to all of the wonderful technology available to support modern job candidates. As a college, we have plenty of resources to share, including staff support, content knowledge, and software. Nothing has been as useful to our candidates as Jobscan.

“What used to take us a significant amount of time to explain and illustrate to our students was now condensed into an efficient and easy to understand report. Candidates could see […] the ways in which they could optimize and improve their resume for better success.”

— Katie McClendon, Austin Community College

Our department started using Jobscan a few years ago, after one of our colleagues mentioned it, and the difference was astounding. What used to take us a significant amount of time to explain and illustrate to our students was now condensed into an efficient and easy to understand report. Candidates could see all the ways in which they were already succeeding and the ways in which they could optimize and improve their resume for better success–by helping them not only pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) but to clarify the focus for a human reader as well. From keyword recommendations to the Power Edit function, our students have everything they need to do the hard work of targeting their resumes for the right audience, and they feel empowered by the process.

As we’ve expanded, our program has grown to serve all job candidates in our community here in Austin. We work with students attempting to get their first internship and career experts who’ve been in their fields for decades. Regardless of their experience, all of our candidates agree that Jobscan makes the process easier to understand and eases some of the worry that can accompany the modern job search. We’ve expanded our use of Jobscan to all members of the college who work with students on career related tasks, and promote it among our students as best we can.

As our team has moved to the Coach platform, we’ve been able to manage client lists so we can witness the effort each of our students put into their resume revisions. We can celebrate their success with them when they increase their scores, report interviews, and get hired. It’s been an invaluable tool for our team, and continues to be a foundational element of our job search class curriculum. An unintended benefit of using Jobscan has been its capacity to unearth skills gaps required for a particular job posting. When and if this is discovered, Career Services has the capacity to refer students to advisors in order to determine accelerated and economical pathways to develop missing skills.

While Austin Community College Career Resources remains committed to continuously enhancing and scaling services, Jobscan has maintained its status as an invaluable game changer for students, who consistently highlight it in their course evaluations.

Special Thanks to:


Katie McClendon

Supervisory Trainer, Digital Skills for Today’s Jobs, Austin Community College

Rutgers University

The Professional Science Master’s Program at Rutgers University, which offers the unique Master of Business and Science (MBS) degree, has partnered with Jobscan since 2019. The MBS degree combines a student-chosen STEM field with essential business skills, training the next generation of leaders who fuel innovation, technological discoveries, and create profitable business solutions that drive economic growth and prosperity.

As a STEM master’s degree that combines science and business training, it is critical that we provide our students with tools to set them up for professional success. In 2019, we started by offering 25 Jobscan licenses to students and alumni. Jobscan has not only increased the number of interviews they received but has also given them opportunities to learn more about themselves – i.e., how their skills (and experiences) can best align with the current job market. Our students have shared stories about how using Jobscan helped them improve their resumes by using relevant keywords based on comparisons to targeted jobs. As a result, our students are more confident because they have more knowledge and vocabulary about their industries and are able to effectively articulate their relevant skills and accomplishments during interviews. In 2020, we increased our offering to 50 Jobscan licenses and are considering even more over the next couple of months.

I am one of the two, dedicated ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Coaches on the MBS team, and provide individualized executive and leadership coaching, career guidance, and job search action planning to our students and alumni. I work with our department’s STEM advisors and the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program to provide our students with guidance and resources to achieve their career goals. Given the challenges in the current job market, we are encouraging our students to try Jobscan, whether they are first-time job seekers, seeking advancement, or looking to pivot careers altogether.

Rutgers University is centrally located between New York City and Philadelphia, and is surrounded by some of the best pharmaceutical and biotech, personal care, financial services, consulting, and technology organizations in the world. Our program helps bridge the gap in STEM graduate education between students pursuing advanced degrees for STEM-based careers outside of academia, and industry employers looking for leaders who have business skills and can effectively apply science-based education. Jobscan has been a valuable tool for our highly skilled MBS students to communicate their skills and accomplishments to potential employers.

Go ScarletKnights!

Special Thanks to:


Abbe Rosenthal

Assistant Director, Executive Coach & Externship Exchange Advisor Professional Science Master’s Program (Master of Business and Science degree) Rutgers University

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Like all universities, at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, it’s important that we are able to identify resources that aid students in their career pursuits, while also helping us work efficiently as a staff. Jobscan has helped us immensely with both of these goals. We have been teaching students about the complexities of applicant tracking systems for years, but with having to manually tailor their application materials, it was both time consuming for our coaches and a pain point for our students. Since piloting the program in the Fall of 2018 for a small group of students in our business school, we have watched the program grow exponentially. Our students have scanned over 3,000 resumes for over 1,500 unique positions. Our students rave about Jobscan, and we couldn’t be happier to roll it out to more and more students each year.

“I was first introduced to Jobscan during my junior year at UMKC and was told how impactful this could be in standing out during a job or internship search. I had good experience and a solid resume already formed, but when I used Jobscan’s live “match rate” feature as a guide to quickly edit my resume to include keywords, I was better able to match my experience to specific applications. This helped my resume get past ATS and into the hands of a real person searching for qualified candidates. I recommend Jobscan for its many features available to help candidates get past ATS and stand out in front of recruiters and hiring managers.”

Connor Smith, ’20, Finance

Special Thanks to:


Maggie Reyland

Professional Development Manager Bloch Career Center, University of Missouri – Kansas City

The University of Texas at Tyler

In the words of some of UT Tyler alumni and professionals: “This is a game changer!” (says a 10 Mechanical Engineer recently laid off from her job). As the Career Success Coach for the College of Engineering, Jobscan doesn’t just give me the edge as a Coach, and make me look super, it gives our students the phenomenal resources to better prepare them to meet the desires of employers’ job descriptions. I utilize Jobscan in the UT Tyler College of Engineering for every resume review I conduct. Just this week, I conducted a resume review with a recent MBA graduate with 20 years of General Manager and Small Business Ownership experience. He was “blown away”. I cannot see me NOT using Jobscan to help our University of Texas at Tyler students – past, present or future!

“Jobscan doesn’t just give me the edge as a Coach, and make me look super, it gives our students the phenomenal resources to better prepare them to meet the desires of employers’ job descriptions.”

— Mark Stark, University of Texas at Tyler

“My only goal was to find an engineering job in Texas to suit my family situation. I had many requests to go elsewhere for defense aerospace (Fort Worth, Phoenix, etc). According to almost every recruiter/hiring manager, I had a great resume before I used Jobscan, yet I was not getting any responses from filling out open requisitions online. I had filled out countless applications through applicant tracking systems with no feedback. It was depressing. I knew I could do almost any engineering job, but I could not get my foot in the door.

When my Career Success Coach (Mark Stark) showed me Jobscan and gave me a free trial, I started using it immediately. After using it for several widely varied positions (NASA Flight Operations, Amazon Area Manager, Plant Maintenance Engineer, etc.), the logic based approach of your application taught me one thing: the resume should be about the job, not me! My self-centered approach to selling myself was useless. That “great resume” I had was pretty, but did not serve a purpose in the job hunt approach I was using. It was like carrying a big shotgun when I needed a sniper rifle.

After implementing a new “aim small, miss small” approach, I started getting engagement from employers. All of a sudden, they were highly impressed with my skill sets and experience. The process of using Jobscan within applications in several industries and crafting my resume directly to each requisition taught me how to job hunt effectively. I switched from a broad, strategic campaign to a narrow, tactical strike approach. It was more work to craft my resume for each application, but I got better and faster with each iteration. I ended up with an incredible mechanisms and structures design engineering job supporting NASA.

Using Jobscan taught me how to train my mind on the target, not the battle. I became an effective job hunter and I will continue to use Jobscan in helping others train for the same purpose.”

-John Graham*, ’20, Mechanical Engineering; 
*name changed for privacy

Special Thanks to:


Mark Stark

Career Success Coach College of Engineering University of Texas at Tyler

Knox College

Knox College Bastian Family Center For Career Success partnered with Jobscan in January 2020 as part of our goal to fully scale our services, offering resources to students 24/7. We initially chose to pilot Jobscan with 100 accounts. Because our student feedback on it was universally positive, we became a full partner in March, offering it to all Knox students. It is simple and straightforward to use, backs up the resume and cover letter advice we’ve always offered students individually, and demystifies applicant tracking systems used by so many employers.

Like most career centers, our budget is not huge, so we presented Jobscan and our other online resource partnerships to Knox alumni as part of our strategic plan, detailing specific opportunities to invest in the professional development of current students. We are quite pleased to note that alumni gifts have now funded all four of our strategic partnerships.

To promote Jobscan on campus, our 12 Peer Career Leaders have featured it in our videos and social media posts, and they also proactively promote it in their resume and cover letter review sessions with students. We also include Jobscan as one of our featured resources on Handshake as part of our effort to lessen the need for multiple system logins and create a one-stop-shop for students.

“Jobscan is a great way to take a good resume and make it a great one. It scans your resume and gives you tips on what you should add, change, or tidy up in order to get the job you want. It’s perfect if you have a specific job you know you want to apply for. It’ll help you revise your resume to that specific employer to guarantee it matches what they are looking for!”

-Marissa Akers, ’20, Biology

Special Thanks to:


Scott Crawford

Executive Director Bastian Family for Career Success Knox College

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