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The Jobscan for Universities Featured Partners series showcases cool initiatives that our Career Services partners are up to. Here you’ll find stories about how Jobscan has impacted their programming and really just anything they want to share with the Career Services community.

July 2020 Featured Partner

The University of North Dakota started using Jobscan in June of 2020 to solidify our message on how important it is for students and alumni to embed keywords within their documents in order to make it through initial employer screening processes. Nowadays, it is not so much about working harder to get a job, but working smarter! Students need to truly highlight their relevant work, alongside their hard and soft skills in their job application in order to stand out amongst other candidates. We started using Jobscan by initially offering 500 accounts and found the feedback from students to be very receptive and the product was put to good use, and recently became a partner! For students to have access to Jobscan, they must first utilize our services, as this is an added benefit for seeking out our assistance! At UND Career Services we find that nearly 50% of our students who use our services come back for 2 or more visits, as they see the benefits of getting advice and guidance on how best to make their experiences marketable to various employers! Jobscan has become the icing on the cake for utilizing all the advice that we give and students are using this product to solidify that what they are doing is accurately working!

This fall we will host a big marketing push on social media to encourage students to utilize our services and gain access to this great product. Our multiple Career Mentors within our Career Studio and I have started to and will continue to integrate the use of Jobscan within our Zoom 1:1 student appointments, showing students exactly how Jobscan can help them find the missing pieces of their job application and strengthen the chances of them getting noticed. The resume and cover letter scanning features and ability to highlight missing hard and soft skills make it a wonderful tool. Students also love how they can run their LinkedIn profile through the tool and find ways to strengthen their online presence on that platform as well!

UND was recently chosen by as #10 as the Best Public College in Each State For Getting a Job in 2020. We take our work seriously in Career Services and are honored to be part of such a distinguished university, a university that prepares our students for the future and shows them how to seek out employers that are the right fit! Jobscan will certainly continue to add to the value of the services that we provide our UND students and alumni and I’m excited to see where this will help take our students in the future! #HireHawks!

Contributed by:
Mary Feller
Career Coach & Mentor Coordinator, Career Services
Student Academic Success and Career Engagement (SASCE)
University of North Dakota

June 2020 Featured Partner

Like all universities, at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, it’s important that we are able to identify resources that aid students in their career pursuits, while also helping us work efficiently as a staff. Jobscan has helped us immensely with both of these goals. We have been teaching students about the complexities of applicant tracking systems for years, but with having to manually tailor their application materials, it was both time consuming for our coaches and a pain point for our students. Since piloting the program in the Fall of 2018 for a small group of students in our business school, we have watched the program grow exponentially. Our students have scanned over 3,000 resumes for over 1,500 unique positions. Our students rave about Jobscan, and we couldn’t be happier to roll it out to more and more students each year.

“I was first introduced to Jobscan during my junior year at UMKC and was told how impactful this could be in standing out during a job or internship search.  I had good experience and a solid resume already formed, but when I used Jobscan’s live “match rate” feature as a guide to quickly edit my resume to include keywords, I was better able to match my experience to specific applications.  This helped my resume get past ATS and into the hands of a real person searching for qualified candidates.  I recommend Jobscan for its many features available to help candidates get past ATS and stand out in front of recruiters and hiring managers.” 

-Connor Smith, ’20, Finance

Contributed by:
Maggie Reyland
Professional Development Manager
Bloch Career Center, University of Missouri – Kansas City

May 2020 Featured Partner

In the words of some of UT Tyler alumni and professionals: “This is a game changer!” (says a 10 Mechanical Engineer recently laid off from her job). As the Career Success Coach for the College of Engineering, Jobscan doesn’t just give me the edge as a Coach, and make me look super, it gives our students the phenomenal resources to better prepare them to meet the desires of employers’ job descriptions. I utilize Jobscan in the UT Tyler College of Engineering for every resume review I conduct. Just this week, I conducted a resume review with a recent MBA graduate with 20 years of General Manager and Small Business Ownership experience. He was “blown away”. I cannot see me NOT using Jobscan to help our University of Texas at Tyler students – past, present or future!

“My only goal was to find an engineering job in Texas to suit my family situation. I had many requests to go elsewhere for defense aerospace (Fort Worth, Phoenix, etc). According to almost every recruiter/hiring manager, I had a great resume before I used Jobscan, yet I was not getting any responses from filling out open requisitions online. I had filled out countless applications through applicant tracking systems with no feedback. It was depressing. I knew I could do almost any engineering job, but I could not get my foot in the door.

When my Career Success Coach (Mark Stark) showed me Jobscan and gave me a free trial, I started using it immediately. After using it for several widely varied positions (NASA Flight Operations, Amazon Area Manager, Plant Maintenance Engineer, etc.), the logic based approach of your application taught me one thing: the resume should be about the job, not me! My self-centered approach to selling myself was useless. That “great resume” I had was pretty, but did not serve a purpose in the job hunt approach I was using. It was like carrying a big shotgun when I needed a sniper rifle.

After implementing a new “aim small, miss small” approach, I started getting engagement from employers. All of a sudden, they were highly impressed with my skill sets and experience. The process of using Jobscan within applications in several industries and crafting my resume directly to each requisition taught me how to job hunt effectively. I switched from a broad, strategic campaign to a narrow, tactical strike approach. It was more work to craft my resume for each application, but I got better and faster with each iteration. I ended up with an incredible mechanisms and structures design engineering job supporting NASA.

Using Jobscan taught me how to train my mind on the target, not the battle. I became an effective job hunter and I will continue to use Jobscan in helping others train for the same purpose.”

-Houston R. Green, ’20, Mechanical Engineering; 
NASA Spacecraft Structures Engineering Intern

Contributed by:
Mark Stark
Career Success Coach
College of Engineering, University of Texas at Tyler

April 2020 Featured Partner

Knox College Bastian Family Center For Career Success partnered with Jobscan in January 2020 as part of our goal to fully scale our services, offering resources to students 24/7.  We initially chose to pilot Jobscan with 100 accounts. Because our student feedback on it was universally positive, we became a full partner in March, offering it to all Knox students.   It is simple and straightforward to use, backs up the resume and cover letter advice we’ve always offered students individually, and demystifies applicant tracking systems used by so many employers.

Like most career centers, our budget is not huge, so we presented Jobscan and our other online resource partnerships to Knox alumni as part of our strategic plan, detailing specific opportunities to invest in the professional development of current students.  We are quite pleased to note that alumni gifts have now funded all four of our strategic partnerships.

To promote Jobscan on campus, our 12 Peer Career Leaders have featured it in our videos and social media posts, and they also proactively promote it in their resume and cover letter review sessions with students.  We also include Jobscan as one of our featured resources on Handshake as part of our effort to lessen the need for multiple system logins and create a one-stop-shop for students.

“Jobscan is a great way to take a good resume and make it a great one. It scans your resume and gives you tips on what you should add, change, or tidy up in order to get the job you want. It’s perfect if you have a specific job you know you want to apply for. It’ll help you revise your resume to that specific employer to guarantee it matches what they are looking for!”

-Marissa Akers, ’20, Biology

Contributed by:
Scott Crawford
Executive Director
Bastian Family for Career Success, Knox College

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