Front-End Developer Resume Examples, Skills, and Keywords

Front-end development is a rewarding and ever-evolving professional path that allows you to exploit your creativity and technical skills all at once. Get ready for your next big career milestone, and find inspiration in Jobscan's front-end developer resume samples to compose your own.

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Front-End Developer Resume Sample

Development careers are more accessible than ever. Whether it’s to find a new job or advance in your current path, many resources are out there to polish your front-end developer skills. However, the competition is fierce. You’ll need to learn how to showcase your abilities to succeed. And what better way to display what you know than on a dazzling resume that will contrast you from all the other candidates.

Your front-end developer resume can make or break an important job deal. Recruiters take six seconds on average to skim through the most critical parts and decide whether they should move on. There’s no use for your impeccable trajectory and your otherworldly design skills if you don’t know how to make them stand out on paper. The ultimate goal of strategizing your resume is getting the hiring manager of your favorite company excited to meet you.

If you want to bypass all applicant tracking systems (ATS) and get to the interview stage in any company, you’ve got work to do. Start by optimizing your front-end developer resume with all the right words. Doing so will make you much more noticeable to any potential employer. You’re one step closer to landing the job of your dreams — all you need to do now is mimic the following sample.


Portland, OR 75035 • (774) 444-6543 • •


Detail-oriented engineer with extensive experience driving complex, large-scale technical projects covering software/database/network development, product implementation, and technical support. Special expertise in assessing risk and translating innovative ideas into technology solutions.


C | C++/C# | VB.NET | Java (J2EE) | Object Oriented Programming | Cobol | Mainframe Assembler | CSS | HTML | PHP | ASP | AJAX | Spring | Hibernate | JSF | JSP | Servlet | EJB | RMI | MySQL | Postgre SQL | Oracle | Sybase | DB2 | Model 204 | ODBC | JDBC | ADO.NET | MQ | OLEDB | Driver Development | Windows | Linux | z/OS | z/VM | AS/400 | OpenVMS | TCP/IP | APPC (LU2/Lu6.2) | AppleTalk | Decnet | Netbios | Websockets | PCs | Macs | Sun | DEC (HP) | IBM Mainframes

Work Experience
Norris Corp., St. Joseph, MO • Consultant
(12/2019 - Present)

Lead full-scale software development, information technology, network, and cloud technology consulting projects, building relationships with clients and vendors to create innovative new products and solutions for complex technology issues.

  • Built JDBC type 4 and C# drivers to access a Model 204 database, creating functional specifications and test harnesses. Wrote design specification and protocol chart to outline communications between client and server. Co-developed CCA analytics, which analyzed data from the database using SQL and SOUL.
  • Created mobile applications for Blackberry and iPhone to demonstrate web access and client/server access to a Model 204 database.
  • Developed protocol converters to exchange TCP/IP packets with MS APPC packets on an ABC mainframe.
Protection Services , New York, NY • Managing Director, R&D
(11/2015 - 11/2019)

Following an acquisition, tasked with the integration of Software Inc.‘s development, QA, and support processes into Protection’s corporate structure, while continuing to direct development and support functions. Managed a $10M P&L budget and maintained costs through careful evaluation of the product’s lifecycle and personnel requirements for each project.

  • Developed critical one-, three-, five-, and ten-year development roadmaps.
  • Managed the merger and acquisition of Software through expert product knowledge and business acumen. Established processes and procedures for a successful integration of all Software products.
  • Streamlined workflow by merging three software versions into one standard version.
Protection Services , New York, NY • Director, Connectivity Development & IT Services
(08/2010 - 10/2015)

Oversaw software development and IT team for Software Inc. Led development, implementation, and maintenance of client/server middleware, business analysis tools, SQL parser/engine, and web-enabled interfaces. Identified solutions to increase product performance and lifespan.

  • Reduced spending from $5M to $300K and lowered mainframe software costs by renegotiating prices with vendors.
  • Increased revenue more than $2M in three years through strategic software development.
  • Developed several highly successful design plans for new ancillary products.
Education and Certifications
New York University, New York, NY • Coursework in Computer Science
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL • Programming Language Certificate
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL • Coursework in Digital Electronics
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN • Programming Language Certificate
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Front-End Developer Resume Skills and Keywords

When writing your resume, you need to prioritize your front-end developer resume skills. Long gone are the days when applicants needed to designate a special section to show any special knowledge. Thanks to the ATS, the trend now is to scatter the most relevant resume keywords for your desired position all over your experience section. If you don’t know what these keywords look like, study the list below.

Top Front-End Developer Resume Skills

Hard skills

  • Buttons
  • JavaScript
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • JavaScript libraries
  • Preprocessors
  • Mobile design
  • Layouts
  • Navigation
  • Responsive design
  • Testing
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Debugging
  • Animations
  • Content organization
  • Cross-browser development
  • Version control
  • Git
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass
  • LESS
  • Stylus
  • Subversion
  • Mercurial
  • CMS
  • SEO
  • Scrum
  • Microdata
  • Microformats
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Performance testing
  • Load testing
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Agile methodology

Soft skills

  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Project management
  • Decision-making
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Design thinking
  • Proactivity
  • Determination

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5 Resume Writing Tips for Front-End Developers

Following these resume examples‌ is just half the work. Boost your chances of getting an interview and subsequently getting hired with the suggestions below. Go get you the job you want!

Tip #1: Show — don’t tell. Talk front-end developer skills using data

It’s hard to impress anyone by simply stating what you think you’re good at, especially on paper. Even if you’re hypothetically the best at coding or designing, simply saying “I’m the best at coding or designing” won’t cut it. Instead of pulling that rookie mistake, show the HR department what makes you a unique fit for the company. Look at the following sentences:

I have excellent problem-solving skills.


I solved this problem by implementing this method, this knowledge, and these tools.

The difference is subtle, but it will help you better exemplify your front-end development experience. Make your bullets even more compelling by always using action words.

Tip #2: Think quality and not quantity when composing your resume

When applying for a job you’ve been dreaming of, it’s easy to get carried away. You might feel tempted to add all the front-end developer resume keywords available and more. Perhaps you want to say you know all the relevant software and have programming skills you’ve never even heard of. However, this isn’t advisable.

Avoid keyword stuffing, as it might play against you in the ATS stage. Instead, select the keywords that truly apply to your work experience and place them strategically. If you keep it simple, you have a higher chance of moving on to the next stage: the interview.

Tip #3: Show your ambitions as a front-end developer by including your career objectives

Most candidates are so concerned about flaunting where they come from that they forget to state where they want to get in this position. This part is equally important, as it will let the hiring manager know what you want to achieve while working in the company. Make this section unique so that it pops and hooks the recruiter right away.

This tip is especially handy if you’re a front-end developer who’s just starting your career and you don’t have much experience. It will help fill up space with something meaningful that will be sure to impress any potential employer.

Tip #4: Use reverse chronological order to accentuate your most recent experience

When talking about your employment history, you want to put your best foot forward. That means you want to prioritize showcasing what’s been keeping you busy at your current or most recent job. Try not to add job experience from more than 10 years ago. It will take up space that you could use to delve into your most exciting milestones.

Tip #5: The details are essential

Show you’re cut out for the front-end developer job by showing your attention to detail from the very start. If you seem neglectful on your resume, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll even make it to the next stage.

Proofreading your document a couple of times is crucial to show professionalism. Always check to be sure your grammar and spelling are spot-on before submitting your application. You get only one chance to make a lasting first impression, so make it count.

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