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What Do You Get With Jobscan Premium?

If you're unsure of what you're getting with Jobscan Premium, this video shows you four top premium features and how they can take your job search to another level.

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What do you get when you upgrade to Jobscan Premium?

1. Unlimited Resume Scans and Scan History

Jobscan users with free accounts get two additional resume scans each month and can revisit their 20 most recent scans in their dashboard.With Jobscan Premium, you’re free to scan as many resumes and job descriptions as you want while accessing everything in your scan history.

2. Cover Letter Scans

Some applicant tracking systems include the contents of your cover letter when searching or matching applicants.

Jobscan Premium includes unlimited cover letter scans that come with a unique set of checks and advice. Click the “Cover Letter” tab at the top of the Match Report to improve your match rate and strengthen your application.

3. Power Edit (formerly known as Live Score)

Instead of scanning your resume, updating, then rescanning over and over until you get that 80% match, try Power Edit.

Your top missing keywords appear on the right and will re-sort themselves by importance as you work. Add keywords to your resume on the left and watch your score increase in real-time. You can even perform basic formatting to export an ATS-friendly PDF resume… straight from Jobscan.

4. LinkedIn Optimization

87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source or vet applicants for their job openings. Scan your LinkedIn profile against multiple job descriptions to receive your missing keywords and other insider tips that will help send your profile to the top of LinkedIn search results.

Bring recruiters to you with LinkedIn Optimization.

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