Jobscan Premium Power Edit Feature

Upload, edit, export. Tailoring and optimizing your resume has never been easier. This resume editor scores your resume as you work on it, checks formatting, and allows you to export a polished, ATS-friendly resume.


Welcome to Jobscan. In this video we’re taking a quick look at the Power Edit feature available to Premium users.

Resume Optimization with Jobscan

Jobscan’s resume match report analyzes your resume against a job description to provide suggestions on how to optimize your resume for recruiters and the applicant tracking systems they use.

These checks include the top keywords missing from your resume. Many Jobscan users review their missing skills and keywords, go back and add them to their resume, then rescan to see how much their score has improved.

Power Edit makes tailoring your resume more efficient

With Power Edit, Jobscan Premium users take the back-and-forth out of tailoring their resume. They can upload a resume, make changes to improve their match score in real-time, then export their new, optimized resume.

Just click “Power Edit” on the left sidebar to get started.

The most important missing keywords are listed on the right side of the feature. In this example, the Job Title “Social Media Manager” isn’t listed anywhere on the resume. This would likely be a top search term for a recruiter using an applicant tracking system.

If we add it to the resume on the left, we can see the score increase in real-time.

Work through the list of skills to keep raising your score towards the 80% goal. The list of keywords will re-sort themselves based on importance as you work. Some of the most common skills will have real-life examples of how to word them in your resume.

Click “Save Scan” on the bottom right corner to lock in your changes and return to the full Match Report.

Resume formatting and export options within Power Edit

You can also format your resume within Power Edit using headings, bolded text, bullet points and other basic functions.

If you’ve uploaded a docx file from a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Power Edit retains the ATS-friendly portions of your formatting and checks it based on recruiter preferences and ATS compliance. Any formatting changes you make within Power Edit can be saved and exported as an application-ready pdf or docx file.

That means you can upload your resume, edit it, and export an optimized resume, all from one tool: Power Edit from Jobscan. Check it out at


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