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How to Find Jobs with Jobscan's Job Recommendations and Job Matcher Tools

Typing a job title into Indeed isn't the most effective way to search for new job opportunities. Learn how to find jobs based on your skills using the Job Recommendations and Job Matcher tools.

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Welcome to Jobscan. In this video, we’re taking a look at the Job Recommendations and Job Matcher tools available to all registered Jobscan users.

How do you search for a job?

When you go to a job board like Indeed, how do you search for a job? If you’re like most job seekers, you probably enter the job title you’d like to have in your next role. While this process will reveal open jobs in your market, it only shows you a fraction of the positions for which you’re qualified. That’s because job titles aren’t standardized between different companies or industries. For example, should a graphic designer be limited to job listings specifically titled, “Graphic Designer”? What about positions titled Senior Designer or Visual Designer? Similarly, a Senior Project Manager could be interested in moving into a different role that utilizes many of the same skills, like a Product Manager or Program Manager. Instead of thinking up job title variations or roles with transferable skills, try Jobscan’s Job Recommendations and Job Matcher tools.

Job Recommendations

At the bottom of every Jobscan Resume Match Report are additional job recommendations from Indeed or ZipRecruiter. These recommendations are not based on job titles, but on the hard skills and keywords found in the resume or the job description you just used to get your Match Report.

Notice that these job titles are all different, but are closely aligned in terms of job duties.

Job Matcher

To fine-tune these results, head to the Job Matcher tool found in the top navigation bar when signed in. With Job Matcher, you can pick and choose different combinations of hard skills, soft skills, and keywords to find a job perfectly aligned to your location, skill set, and interests.

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