In the job search stage, you do not often send your resume to one destination only. Instead, you will send it to several destinations to increase your chances of getting a job.

It is indeed a good strategy in general, but it may give a negative impression. 

On the other hand, this type of resume tends to be general and abstract and not specifically designed to fill specific jobs. Therefore, you must make the necessary adjustments to the resume according to each vacancy you want to apply for. 

Suppose you find it overwhelming to write resumes yourself. In that case, you may always hire some professional resume writers to get the job done for you. 

Any professional writers have reviews and feedbacks from their clients. Mind those reviews because this piece of paper is your key to get the dream job you want.

You should also check the resume writer’s work history and some samples to know the resume’s quality and some necessary resume writing skills. 

Company managers and supervisors of human resources departments receive many resumes, and they do not have time to carefully read each line. Ensure that the writer divides the resume into sections containing important information about the resume owner.

Resume sections differ according to the type of job or the purpose of sending the resume. Still, in general, these are some common sections in a resume:

  • Personal information
  • Academic qualifications
  • Job experience
  • Training courses and activities
  • Skills
  • Hobbies
  • Testimonials.

What Do You Need to Check When Hiring Professional Resume Writers?

There is no perfect way to write a resume, nor is there a uniform style that everyone should adhere to. There is more than one way to write a resume.

Before hiring a professional resume writer, you must first check whether the company to which you want to send your resume sets certain conditions for accepting the resume or not. 

Reading the reviews will help you decide whether this writer is qualified to write this resume for this specific job or not. The more review you read, the better you know which writer to trust with your resume. For example, this review may help you understand more about professional resume writers. 

Always look for honest reviews. It matters. The more reviews the writer has, the better you judge. Once you are done reading all the reviews, it is recommended to check some work samples. Here is what you need to check carefully in every sample you check:  

1. Personal Information

This section includes name, contact information, such as phone number, address, e-mail address, and date of birth, gender. It may consist of nationality and marital status as well.

2. Career Goal

Here should be mentioned the purpose and reason that made you apply for the job, as this will give the employer a better idea of your ambition. Reviews will show you here how the writer is showing your real desire to get the job. If the writer is not good enough, the employer will probably understand your reason for applying and may reject your application. That is another reason why it is necessary to know who is writing your resume for you.

3. Qualifications

Any professional writer must write in this section everything that proves your academic and professional qualifications. All the educational and scientific certificates that you have obtained, the training courses you have taken, and other evidence of your eligibility for the job. 

Also, when mentioning academic degrees, check whether he or she mentioned the name of the university, institute, or college from which you obtained the certificate, as well as the date of your enrollment and graduation from it. Such information is essential to be written clearly and professionally.

4. Professional Experiences

Knowing what to emphasize If you previously worked in a company or institution before. The writer should write it an interesting and informative way explaining the date of joining and leaving, the positions and responsibilities you held, the places in which you worked, the achievements you have achieved. 

Professional experiences must be mentioned briefly and accurately. Look at each sample. You check how the writer mentioned this section.

One more important thing you should keep an eye on is what’s mentioned in previous employers’ work history. You do not need a writer who may disrespect the company’s privacy or institution with which you were working or mention sensitive information about it anyhow. 

Here are some additional recommendations that you should be aware of:

  • Look for a writer who would list your responsibilities and your achievements and what you have achieved for the company you worked for. 
  • Emphasize any volunteer work you did, the type of volunteer work and services you provided, and the name of the organization you volunteered for.

Solid resume writers know what employers may be interested in and how they react to specific information.

a) The Writer’s Skills

It is necessary to read reviews about the writers to know their skills. They estimate their skills level differently depending on their own vision. People’s feedback can provide you with a realistic opinion about their skills. Some of the skills you might want to check they have before hiring: 

  • Their native language and the other language skills level. For example, if you want your resume in French, you better get a native speaker to write it in a more natural way than some writer who knows a bit of French. Again, your resume is not a thing you want to be written poorly. 
  • Writing style and format play a significant role in your chances of getting the job you want.

b) Recommendations

Always check people’s recommendations to make your list shorter. People will not recommend some professional resume writers. Check the name of two or three people who have previously dealt with the writer and their experience. 

It is crucial that they are satisfied with their resumes. Make sure before you agree with the writer on the quality.

c) Resume Format

One of the conditions for writing a professional resume is a valid and appropriate format. This encourages the employer to read it thoroughly. 

Here are some aspects to pay attention to while formatting a resume:

  • Type and size of the font  it is preferable to use traditional types of fonts, such as Arial, and to avoid fonts that are not clear or that contain exaggerated decorations. Also, it is necessary to use the same size and type of font.
  • Size and Format  A4 size paper (8.5″x11″) is preferred.
  • Proper choice of font colors  It is recommended to use only one color besides black.

Resume Writing Tips

Here are some recommendations that can help you write a professional resume by yourself:

  • The information on the resume should be correct, without exaggeration or falsification.
  • Check the accuracy of personal information, such as name, address, and contact information.
  • Do not state the salary you want unless explicitly asked to do so.
  • Organization and arrangement of ideas.
  • Clarity, do not assume the reader knows what you take for granted.
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