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Jobscan Tutorials

Optimize your job search by getting the most out of Jobscan.

What is Jobscan?

The job search system is broken and great applicants are slipping through the cracks. Jobscan makes tools that empower job seekers to get noticed, get interviewed, and get hired.

Try our resume optimization and LinkedIn profile optimization tools.


Getting Started

If you’re ready to speed up your job search, you’re in the right place. The text and video tutorials below will help you better understand our tools and maximize your time with Jobscan.


Jobscan Tutorials

  • PART 1: Jobscan Tutorial
    Our step-by-step walkthrough of how to use Jobscan to optimize your resume and cover letter
  • PART 2: Jobscan LinkedIn Optimization Tutorial
    A complete guide to using Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization tool
  • PART 3: Jobscan Video Series
    Watch Jobscan’s tools and features in action and gain additional job search insights with our video tutorial series
  • PART 4: Jobscan Coach Tutorial
    Jobscan Coach allows employment specialists to manage clients and track usage while sharing Jobscan’s top tools