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Tips to help you make the best impression on LinkedIn


  • Make the effort to get a high quality, professional profile photo.
  • Use all the characters available to you in key search fields such as the headline, summary, and job titles.
  • Expand on your default headline by adding industry keywords and relevant variations of your job title.
  • Fill out every section of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Build a large network of valuable LinkedIn connections.
  • Add job and industry-specific keywords and hard skills to your headline, summary, and work experience LinkedIn sections.
  • Back up your listed skills with accomplishments and quantifiable measurable results.
  • Label short-terms gigs as “Contract” or “Temporary” within the job title.
  • Engage your connections by posting quality content to the newsfeed and meaningfully commenting on others’ posts.


  • List skills you don’t actually have.
  • Skip the profile summary section.
  • Include jobs that you only held for a few months or don’t want to talk about in an interview.
  • Leave off your college degree because it’s not relevant to your career.
  • Overuse special characters, unicode symbols, and emojis.
  • Set your search location to your current location if you’re trying to relocate.

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