Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates to Download

Looking for a standout resume template compatible with Microsoft Word? Below are four sources offering quality Microsoft Word resume templates that are totally free and easy to download. These sites have over 500 Word resume templates between them.

(If you don’t have Microsoft Word, check out these Google Docs resume templates.)

Microsoft Word Resume Templates from Microsoft Office

You’ll find some resume templates built-in to your Microsoft Word software when you create a new document. The number of templates available will depend on the version of MS Word you’re using. Regardless, 80+ additional free templates are available on the Microsoft Office website.

Microsoft Word Resume Templates from Microsoft.

Jobscan ATS-Friendly Resume Templates

Most hiring companies utilize applicant tracking systems (ATS) to manage high volumes of incoming resumes and job applications. Many ATS automatically parse the information in your resume to build a candidate profile, rank your resume’s contents based on the job description or other criteria, and/or make your resume searchable for recruiters.

In order to accomplish this, the system must be able to scan and analyze your resume. The problem is that many resume formats are not optimized for ATS due to various formatting issues, resulting in parsing errors, unsearchable resume sections, and other glitches that can keep you from landing a job interview.

Jobscan offers 20 free ATS-friendly resume templates that are compatible with Microsoft Word and will play nice with the most-used ATS systems. (Get a bonus template here.)

Jobscan Premium ATS Resume Templates

Learn more about ATS:

Hloom Resume Templates for MS Word

Microsoft Office template site Hloom has hundreds of free and simple Microsoft Word resume templates covering a range of styles and specific professions. These designs range from minimalist to bold to over-the-top.

Remember to keep your occupation in mind when selecting a design — a public accountant won’t benefit from a garish graphic resume. We also recommend avoiding the templates that include your photo. Fearing discrimination claims, some recruiters eliminate any applicants that include their photo as a matter of policy.

Hloom Microsoft Word Resume Templates

One thing to be aware of on this site is the ads for similar services on download pages. Rather than clicking any images or graphics on the download page, look for the text “Download: Free” and click “Free.”

Download Free button

Resume Companion Template Packs

Resume Companion offers downloadable resume packs featuring several different designs and themes, amounting to over 100 free Microsoft Word resume templates. We prefer the basic and situational templates over the creative templates.

Each resume design comes as part of a zip file featuring five color variations.

Resume Companion MS Word templates.

Optimize Your Resume for ATS

No matter where your resume templates come from, your success depends on whether they are ATS-friendly.

Jobscan mimics the most common behaviors found in top applicant tracking systems to optimize your resume and catch critical problems with your Microsoft resume template. Upload your resume and paste in a job description on the Jobscan homepage or simply paste the text below to receive a free and instant analysis.

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