You might be surprised to learn that YouTube is such an awesome resource for job seekers looking to learn more about the job search. Many of the top career experts and strategists have channels dedicated to helping job seekers succeed.

Everything from resume writing to interview questions to mastering the perfect handshake can be found within the confines of YouTube. However, we’ve all experienced the YouTube black hole (probably while searching for cat videos). With so many channels available, it’s just hard to know where to start.

When I set out to put this list together, I wanted to highlight a range of YouTube channels for all different types of job seekers. Whether you like a fun, upbeat vibe or a college course-like energy, I wanted to make sure you could get top-notch advice from real professionals in the industry.

Top Ten Youtube Channels for Job Seekers to Watch in 2019

top youtube channels for job search

1) Job Hunting Secrets

The visual appeal of the videos on the Job Hunting Secrets YouTube channel is the first thing you’ll notice when you land on the homepage. The white, bright videos make each message clear to understand and easy to take in.

Job Hunting Strategist, Ian Jenkins, runs this YouTube channel, covering topics like How to Get a Job With No Experience and Interview Thank You Note Best Practices. Job Hunting Secrets is ideal for job seekers just starting out in the job search, and Ian’s advice will take you all the way through to the interview process.

2) Linda Raynier

There are few job search topics not covered on Linda Raynier’s YouTube channel. Her video categories range from “Live Your True Purpose” to “Corner Office Insights” and “Career Advice”.

One really unique part of Linda’s channel is the video series she creates. For example, the 5-week series, “How to Recruit a Good Job Candidate”, geared toward recruiters and hiring managers. These videos are released every few days and act like an online course (for free). While this particular series isn’t directed at job seekers, the concept is genius.

This YouTube channel goes into the nitty-gritty details that many others fail to mention, like search engine optimization for your resume and the possible pitfalls of using a LinkedIn resume.

There is a wide selection of videos focusing on a range of categories, including job search tips, LinkedIn advice, and tips for landing a management job.

One thing I love about this YouTube channel is the variety of speakers. Every video is not run by the same career expert, rather, there are several speakers who focus on their respective specialties. Among these speakers are Founder and IT Headhunter, Paul Cameron and Jim Fergle, Job Search Strategist,

4) Andrew LaCivita

Recruitment Executive and Career Coach (Extraordinaire), Andrew LaCivita, pours all of his knowledge and passion for the job search industry into his YouTube channel. LaCivita covers topics about the real challenges of the job search (like Salary Negotiation).

Unlike many other YouTube channels, Andrew LaCivita’s channel isn’t geared only toward young job seekers. He offers tips for job seekers changing careers and job seekers over the age of 50.

5) Professor Heather Austin

If you’re someone who learns best with visuals, Heather Austin’s YouTube channel is right up your alley. Her videos are simple and upbeat and Austin is a positive, passionate speaker. You’ll finish each video feeling motivated to start or continue your job search.

The Professor Heather Austin channel focuses specifically on the job search process. There are several videos addressing common interview questions as well as LinkedIn tutorials to help maximize your job search.

6) Work It Daily

CEO of Work It Daily, J.T. O’Donnell, runs the Work It Daily YouTube channel. This channel is full of higher-level job search and career advice for the motivated job seeker. For example, you can learn about how to best answer behavioral interview questions and find out which questions you should be asking the hiring manager.

If you feel like you’re doing everything you can do and still haven’t landed a job, this channel can be a great asset for you. It has a heavy focus on the perspective and opinions of the recruiter, which is an awesome point of view to pay attention to as a job seeker.

7) Self Made Millennial

The Self Made Millennial YouTube channel is the un-stuffiest, most down-to-earth job search channel you will find, and I love it.

Don’t let the bright colors or playful facial expressions on each video of founder, Madeline Mann, make you think this channel doesn’t mean business, though! Mann offers tons of videos on valuable topics that we haven’t seen covered anywhere else (like what to do when an interviewer mispronounces your name). This channel doesn’t only focus on the job search, but on how to be happy at your current job and go after the success that you want.


Formerly TheBigGameHunterTV, offers hiring advice and job search advice. Career Coach, Jeff Altman takes job search advice a step further which videos like, “Preparing for Second Interviews”.

Altman has more than 40 years of experience, and you believe it when you listen to his videos. His range of knowledge on job searching is so apparent and his casual tone makes it feel like he’s having a conversation with you. His videos get to the point quickly with no unnecessary “fluff”.

9) Find Your Dream Job with Mac’s List

Mac Prichard is among the top career experts, and he’s assembled an impressive team of other experts alongside him. Most of the videos on the Find Your Dream Job YouTube channel are by different specialists in the field. We love the range of opinions and topics the various speakers provide.

The sheer number of videos available on this channel, covering every possible question you might have about job searching, is amazing. Pick up tips on negotiating for a new job, resume and cover letter writing and more.

10) Happen to Your Career

Happen to Your Career, by Scott Anthony Barlow, is one of the only job search channels with “take-action” content. It is filled with guides and self-assessment quizzes to help keep your job search on track.

I love the real, actionable advice job seekers can get from this channel. If you have only a small amount of time in your day to commit to your job search, this channel is a good place to spend it. There aren’t tons of videos to sift through, just solid, no-nonsense guides to keep your job search productive.

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Jobscan is on YouTube

Did you know Jobscan has a YouTube channel as well? We make videos to provide an inside look at how our job seeker tools can boost your job search. For example, here’s one that takes a look at the Job Matcher tool:

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