Copywriter Resume Examples, Skills and Keywords

Copywriting is a competitive field, so a well-written resume is critical for making a good first impression on potential employers. Here's how to write a resume that stands out and shows off your exceptional writing skills.

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Copywriter Resume Sample

There’s a lot of competition when it comes to content creation and copywriting. Your resume is your first opportunity to show off your copywriter skills. Producing a resume that’s well-written and easy to read will make it simpler for hiring teams to do their jobs.

Copywriters are responsible for producing high-quality written content for a wide variety of industries. They need to have the technical skills to produce and submit their content through different online portals. They also need to be able to research unfamiliar topics and change their writing style for different clients.

This copywriter resume example shows how you can include your education, experience, and portfolio while also demonstrating your technical skills.


New York, NY, 10005 • (555) 555-1234 • •


Specialized in both long-form SEO content (landing pages, blog posts, etc.) and short-form copywriting (social media, email marketing). I come to the table with 5 years of marketing experience in both agency and in-house settings.


Marketing Communications | Digital Marketing Strategy | Copywriting | Marketing KPIs | Content Writing | Strategic Planning | Editing | Blog Writing | Advertising Copy | Content Strategy | Email Marketing Copy |SEO Writing | Team Collaboration | Client Management

MarTechExec, New York, NY • Copywriter
(02/2018) - Present

Manage all marketing copywriting for 4 clients in the technology and healthcare industries.

  • Aligned copy strategy across all marketing channels
  • Developed copy for client websites and blogs
  • Wrote advertising copy for print ads and radio spots
  • Collaborated with graphic designers to write and produce digital ads
  • Managed client feedback meetings
  • Ensured all timelines were met throughout the content production, editing, and delivery process.
iVision, Atlanta, GA • Content Writer
(07/2016 - 02/2018)

Content Specialist with a proven track record achieving results such as a 50% organic traffic increase within 6 months and an overall 400% increase in page 1 keyword rankings.

  • Ensure client relationships thrive
  • Develop long-term content strategy + SEO-driven supporting content
  • Optimize website pages for proper SEO
  • Analyze website information architecture
  • Develop brand strategy + guidelines
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Link building
  • Social media copywriting
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL • B.A. in Journalism and Media
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Copywriter Resume Skills and Keywords

Most copywriters are familiar with SEO and the importance of using the right keywords in a piece. Use this skill to your advantage when creating your resume. It’s just as important to use copywriter resume keywords in your application as it is on any webpage.

Many hiring managers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to filter candidates before reading any resumes. Weaving your resume skills into your job history and adding a dedicated skills section can help you get past filters and in front of a real person.

Top 30 Copywriter Resume Skills

  • Written communication
  • ‌SEO
  • ‌Resilience
  • ‌Accepting critique
  • ‌WordPress
  • ‌Research
  • ‌Problem-solving
  • ‌Attention to detail
  • ‌Content management systems
  • ‌Mark-up
  • Creativity
  • ‌Editing
  • ‌Following guidelines
  • ‌Time management
  • ‌Collaboration
  • ‌Conversions
  • ‌Content pitching
  • Social media
  • ‌Marketing
  • ‌Technical writing
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • ‌Prioritization
  • ‌Microsoft Word
  • ‌Microsoft Excel
  • ‌Google Suite
  • ‌Flexibility
  • ‌Storytelling
  • ‌Matching writing styles
  • ‌Grammar
  • ‌CTA

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5 Resume Writing Tips for Copywriters

Writing a resume is different from producing other types of content. Make a high-quality application by following these five tips.

1. Make your resume summary count

Traditional resume formats include a single short paragraph after the header. This paragraph is your resume summary or personal statement. It’s there for you to summarize your most valuable skills and experience in a few sentences. Hiring managers use your resume summary to see what you think is most important and relevant to your application.

If someone skims your resume, they’ll most likely read your personal statement, then skip around the other sections. You can make the most of this summary by keeping it short and full of information. For example, “Knowledgeable copywriter seeking to leverage SEO and marketing experience at Greenfield Productions. Over three years of experience, including producing 12,000 words of long-form content weekly and increasing sales page conversions by 32%.”

This summary achieves three goals in just two sentences:

  • It lists the writer’s most valuable skills prominently.
  • It specifically names the company, showing that they put in the time to customize the resume before submitting it.
  • It lists the writer’s past accomplishments with hard numbers that catch the eye.

‌After reading this personal statement, hiring managers will be more interested in looking over the rest of your resume and portfolio.

2. Customize your resume for every job

The copywriting field is broad, covering everything from social media and product descriptions to long-form investigative content. If you’re applying to several types of positions at once, tailor your resume to fit each one.

A resume highlighting your time in marketing isn’t likely to interest employers looking for informative, long-form writers. On the other hand, your journalistic skills won’t matter to a company looking for technical writing. Always read the job description for each position carefully. Use the skills and duties listed to edit your resume into something appealing to that specific hiring team.

3. List your writing skills effectively

Many people think that copywriting is easy, so open positions are often flooded with applications. Hiring teams use ATS to filter out unqualified candidates based on the presence (or absence) of copywriter skills and keywords. That’s why adding a copywriter resume skills section to your application is a good idea.

Your skills section lets you list any abilities you can’t naturally work into your employment history. This guarantees that your resume won’t be ignored. It also makes your resume easier to skim, making the hiring manager’s job easier.

4. Include a link to your portfolio

Your resume is only half your application as a copywriter. Most employers will want to see your portfolio, too. After all, your resume is just a single-page document. Hiring teams want to see your writing skills in action.

Always include a link to your portfolio on your resume. Most applications will ask for a link, but not all. Sometimes the person who makes the hiring decisions will only receive your resume, not your complete application. Adding a specific portfolio section to your resume ensures that anyone who gets their hands on it will be able to find your work.

5. Leverage your copywriting and editing skills to polish your resume

As a writer, you should strive to produce work that needs little if no editing. Potential employers want professional content without the need for constant revisions. If your resume has mistakes in it, you give the impression that you couldn’t even bother to proofread your own one-page document.

Always take the time to triple-check your copywriter resume before you submit it. Save it, step away from it for a while, then come back and re-read it with a clear head. Spelling and grammar checkers will miss things, so don’t just rely on them. Only send your resume once you’re sure that it’s formatted correctly and there are no typos or content errors.

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