Marketing Specialist Resume Examples, Skills and Keywords

If you enjoy providing customer solutions, you may be interested in a career as a marketing specialist. Whether you’re looking for an entry level position, applying for a promotion within your current company, or making a lateral move, a well-written resume is a must. A tailored resume highlighting your relevant experience and key skills will help you stand out, increasing your chances of landing an interview.

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Marketing Specialist Resume Sample

Most companies require marketing specialists to have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, business, or another related field. If you are currently in school, you can boost your chances of getting a marketing job after school by applying for an internship. The following resume tips are also helpful for landing an interview to become a marketing intern.

‌Marketing specialists are creative people who have good analytical skills and who pay attention to detail. To be successful in this position, you will need to have knowledge of all parts of the marketing process from research to execution. You may be called on to help various people in the marketing department, and your duties could range from analyzing market research reports to assisting with creation of social media posts. Your resume should demonstrate that you are flexible and adaptable.

This Jobscan sample shows how to write a stand-out marketing specialist resume. It features accomplishments and job descriptions that highlight the candidate’s most relevant experience. The candidate’s significant skills are prominently featured, and the resume is well organized.


Houston, TX 77001 • (123) 456-7890 • •


Dynamic leadership career with an exceptional blend of marketing and communications expertise with high-growth companies. Combine astute strategic, business, and analytical skills with a track record of success employing market intelligence, program and campaign management, and strategic planning expertise to achieve goals.


Process & Performance Improvement | Marketing Leadership | Strategic Business Planning | Brand Development & Loyalty | Corporate Communications | Staff Leadership & Oversight | Channel Development & Penetration | Web Design & Development | Program Launch & Management | Consulting | Client Relationship Management | Non-profit Organizations

Tech Time, Houston, TX • Social Media Manager
(12/2019 - Present)

Serve as primary point-of-contract for the amplification and engagement program, representing the Developer Relations Scalable Advocacy team. Provide strategic and tactical support to developer relations and developer product teams to integrate blogging, social media, and third party event participation into product release and product feedback workflows.

  • Oversaw and managed Google Developer and Android Developer blogs and social media properties, driving overall community growth from 2 million monthly impressions to 4+ million.
  • Provided strong leadership to a 10-member, cross functional Google I/O planning team charged with delivering educational experience in-person and virtually to developers in 90 countries; facilitated the 4-day event and served as primary escalation liaison to 7,000+ attendees.
  • Championed an advocacy campaign by developing and executing a messaging strategy for the globally implemented #BuiltbyGoogle campaign to train one million developers and empower families and communities, garnering 100+ million estimated impressions.
  • Cultivated strong working relationships with developers to define and test a 2-way engagement strategy for Android Developer social media channels, capturing the highest impression rate of 4.6 million and 80,000 profile visits to date.
  • Spearheaded efforts to improve process and performance by creating a content database with an expanded view of upcoming and scheduled content, reducing time and improving transparency across the team.
Digital Dynamics, Houston, TX • Founder
(11/2017 - 11/2019)

Founded and manage a digital media consulting firm, providing guidance and advice to client organizations to optimize exposure and contribute to achieving organizational goals.

  • Developed a cross-channel digital strategy and website for a multimillion-dollar non-profit organization, enabling access to the group’s mission, donor recipients, and fundraising initiatives.
  • Established a digital strategy for a national diversity awareness campaign, #KindnessMatters. Launched the group’s image and mission on multiple social media channels including, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, elevating the campaign to more than a million social media users. Engagement analytics sky-rocketed to new highs for the group.
ASM Media & Marketing, Houston, TX • Program Manager
(08/2015 - 10/2017)

Served as a mentor for young filmmakers and produced projects for this Texas-based national firm focused on providing multimedia advertising campaigns for clients in the education sector.

  • Launched a $30,000 fundraising campaign to educate public school students in digital literacy and provided the opportunity to utilize the internet for things such as: homework; job searching; civic engagement; healthcare and communicating with peers and family members in global locations.
  • Developed and implemented a program to train parents, educators, and students on digital safety applications to ensure a positive experience when using social and digital media as part of the academic learning plan for students.
Texas Talks, Katy, TX • Marketing Manager,
(01/2012 - 07/2015)

Originally hired in as a Marketing Intern, progressively climbed the ranks to management charged with leading efforts to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy to market the organization’s annual conference, the largest event for impact investors and social entrepreneurs. Championed public relations initiatives to maximize organization and service exposure by building strong working relationship with key business partners.

University of Texas, Austin, TX • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing
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Marketing Specialist Resume Skills and Keywords

‌Include the following resume skills to show hiring managers that you can excel in the job. These skills and other marketing specialist resume keywords can help get your resume past applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Top Marketing Specialist Resume Skills

Hard skills:

  • Market research
  • Social media
  • ‌CRM
  • ‌Google Analytics
  • ‌Salesforce
  • ‌SurveyMonkey
  • ‌Content marketing
  • ‌Email list management
  • ‌Website management
  • ‌Marketing strategies
  • ‌Media planning
  • ‌Brand management
  • ‌Copywriting
  • ‌Technical writing
  • ‌Adobe Creative Suite
  • ‌Microsoft Office
  • ‌Video production
  • ‌Marketing budget management

Soft skills:

  • ‌Analytical skills
  • ‌Multitasking
  • ‌Teamwork
  • ‌Creativity
  • ‌Organization
  • ‌Communication
  • ‌Interpersonal skills
  • ‌Problem-solving
  • ‌Time management
  • ‌Detail-oriented
  • ‌Adaptable
  • ‌Works independently

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5 Marketing Specialist Resume Writing Tips

‌‌1. Showcase your communication skills

‌As a marketing specialist, you will be responsible for a variety of written and verbal communication. Your duties may consist of creating email blasts and newsletters, and you might be asked to attend trade shows to introduce your company to clients.

Use your resume to show how well you communicate. This is the opportunity to sell yourself and your skills. Craft your experience and job descriptions with language that clearly demonstrates your potential benefit to the company.

2. Tailor your resume

‌Instead of using one resume and submitting it to many different firms, tailor your resume to the specific job description at each company. Marketing specialists can be responsible for a variety of tasks. One company may be looking for candidates with experience in market research and data analysis, while another might be interested in social media and content creation.

‌Look through each job description and find keywords and skills to emphasize in your resume. Tailor your objective or your resume headline to the company, showing that you have background knowledge of the firm.

3. Communicate your value

Use a combination of skills, education, and experience to demonstrate your value to the company. When listing your previous experience, focus less on responsibilities and more on accomplishments. If you’re moving up from a marketing assistant or coordinator position, add bulleted statements that show how you helped your team.

  • ‌”Volunteered to manage the company’s Instagram account, resulting in a 30% increase in social media engagement.”

‌‌In the example above, “volunteer” shows that you took initiative to add responsibilities beyond your job description. It offers a quantifiable result that positively contributed to the company’s overall marketing efforts. Adding measurable accomplishments to your resume shows each company how you can help them in the future.

4. Pay attention to your social media

‌Most employers will look through your social media pages before offering an interview. But for marketing specialists, social media might be a critical job skill. Even if the hiring manager for your preliminary interview doesn’t look through your social media feed, your future boss probably will. Make sure that all of your pages are professional.

If you are applying for a position handling social media for a company, creating a well-curated and visually appealing feed could help you get an interview. Before submitting your resume, check your LinkedIn profile, particularly if you haven’t updated your page in a while to make sure that it is up to date and includes all of your work experience.

5. Include relevant certifications, internships, or volunteer positions

‌You will likely be required to have a Bachelor’s degree to be a marketing specialist, so you’ll be competing with other applicants with degrees. Make yourself stand out by listing relevant certifications or professional memberships. Marketing organizations and many higher education and continuing education organizations offer a variety of certifications.

‌Whether you’re a professional member of the American Marketing Association, you are an Online Marketing Certified Associate, you are an Accredited Public Relations Professional, or any other specialist, include it on your resume. These certifications show a willingness to learn new skills, and they show commitment to your field.

‌If you’re relatively new to marketing, add internships or volunteer positions to your resume and discuss your transferrable skills.

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