Customer Service Resume Examples, Skills, and Keywords

There are many types of customer service roles, and they all help companies keep their clients happy. Customer service is a great start to your career. Here’s how to write an excellent customer service resume.

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Customer Service Resume Samples

In a customer service role, you are responsible for maintaining a company’s relationship with its clients. It’s a job with many responsibilities, and customer service can look very different at different companies or levels of service quality.

A representative in a retail business will work directly with people in a store, but a manager at an online business will mostly handle high-level complaints and work with upper management on strategy.

To get a job in customer service, you need a resume designed for the job you want. Since every customer service position is a little different, your resume should change, too. After all, submitting the resume that got you your first job probably won’t help you get that management position.

Employers prefer applicants who are interested in working for their company. Submitting a generic resume lets them know you just want a job, not their job, so take the time to customize your resume to fit the position and stand out. Well-paying customer service can be competitive, so it’s worth the time to give yourself an extra advantage.

There’s no better way to learn about writing good resumes than by reading them. These two customer service resume examples show how you can customize your resume for different roles. Whether you want to stay on the front lines or become a manager, your resume should reflect that.

Customer service representative resume example

Customer service representatives are the first point of contact between customers and the company, and they’re the people responsible for answering questions, helping customers with problems, and keeping clients happy. A customer service representative may work in-person at a retail store, or they might answer customer calls and emails in an office. ‌ The most essential skill for a customer service representative is the ability to remain professional at all times, even in stressful situations. You'll interact with a variety of customers, so interpersonal skills are a must. Your resume should highlight all of these skills to show employers that you're the right fit for the role. ‌ This customer service resume example shows how you can use your experience in other positions to make yourself stand out to future employers.

Customer service manager resume example

While representatives work directly with customers, a customer service manager works with the representatives. The manager's role is to support their representatives, handle any problems that need to be escalated to management, and work with other departments to maximize their utility. Customer service managers have more responsibilities, but they also have more decision-making power. ‌ Like all managers, customer service managers need to understand how to work with people. They have to know how to delegate tasks and keep the department running smoothly. A managerial resume should show that you have the ability to keep teams organized and keep your projects on track. ‌ This customer service manager resume is a great example of demonstrating managerial potential -- even if you haven't worked as a manager before.

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Customer Service Resume Skills and Keywords

Customer service departments are busy, and ost employers don’t have time to read every application they receive. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) help them solve that problem. The ATS checks applications for customer service resume keywords and removes spam and unqualified applicants. That means that resumes that don’t use the right keywords never get seen by a human being. If you want to get hired, you need to make sure your resume can make it past ATS filters.

Top Customer Service Resume Skills

  • Patience
  • ‌Verbal and written communication
  • ‌Dependability
  • ‌Interpersonal skills
  • ‌Conflict resolution
  • ‌Time management
  • ‌Multitasking
  • ‌Active listening
  • ‌Adaptability
  • ‌Domain knowledge
  • ‌Empathy
  • ‌Attention to detail
  • ‌Decision-making
  • ‌Phone etiquette
  • ‌Microsoft Office
  • ‌Problem-solving
  • ‌Relationship management
  • ‌Invoicing
  • ‌Data entry
  • ‌Prioritization
  • ‌Consistency
  • ‌Resilience
  • ‌Negotiation
  • ‌Tact
  • ‌Training
  • ‌Customer advocacy
  • ‌CRM software
  • ‌Data analysis
  • ‌Strategic thinking
  • ‌Report generation

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Salary Expectations for Popular Customer Service Roles

Customer service salaries depend on the responsibilities of the role. Entry-level roles will always have lower median salaries than managerial positions. However, the experience you gain in entry-level positions is critical to moving into roles with more responsibility. Once you have industry knowledge, you’ll be better positioned to move up the ladder.

Customer Service Rep
Customer Service Manager

Education and Certification Requirements for Customer Service Resumes

Many industries don’t require a customer service representative to have advanced training or degrees. For most entry-level roles, you just need a high school diploma or GED.

However, having an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business administration or something similar can help. These degrees demonstrate that you can dedicate yourself to something. They also show that you can communicate well enough to get through higher education.

If you want to move into a managerial role, a bachelor’s degree is more important. Many companies require their managers to have a college degree, but the specific degree is flexible.

You can also get management certifications. If you’re currently a customer service representative, you may not have specific managerial experience — getting a management certificate can make you a more attractive candidate.

Common management certificates include:

  • ‌Certified Manager (CM)
  • ‌Certified Business Process Associate (CBPA)
  • ‌Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
  • ‌Project Management Professional (PMP)

Make sure to check the requirements in the job descriptions. Many postings will mention the specific certifications a company wants. If you’re planning a future job change, you can get started on your certifications, so that, when it’s time to apply, you’re ready.