Need to delete your LinkedIn account? We’ve compiled a quick guide and detailed step-by-step rundown to simplify the process, plus how to backup your LinkedIn data or cancel LinkedIn Premium.

How to Delete Your LinkedIn Account

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account
  2. Select the tab under your profile picture in the top toolbar
  3. Choose “Settings and Privacy” from the dropdown menu
  4. In the “Account” tab, select “Closing Your LinkedIn Account”
  5. Select the reason for closing your account and hit “next”
  6. Select “Close Account”

How to Delete Your LinkedIn Profile (Details and Pictures)

Step 1: Log into your LinkedIn account with your username and password and click “Sign in”.

Step 2: Select your profile picture in the top toolbar.

delete linkedin profile

Step 3: Choose “Settings and Privacy” (located beneath the “Account” section) from the dropdown menu.

settings and privacy to delete linkedin account

Step 4: Select the “Account” tab on the next page (it defaults to the “Privacy” tab).

delete linkedin account

Once you’re there, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click “Closing Your LinkedIn Account” (beneath “Account Management”).

delete linkedin account

Step 5: Select the reason for closing your account, or select “other” if none of the reasons apply to you. Then, click “Next”.

Note: If you are a LinkedIn Premium user, follow steps 4-6 in the How to Deactivate LinkedIn Premium” section below, then return to these directions.

reason for deactivating linkedin account

Step 6: Enter your password and select “Close Account.” Voila! You’ve officially deleted your LinkedIn profile.

deactivate your linkedin profile

How to Backup LinkedIn Data Before Deleting Your Account

Afraid to see your profile cleared away? LinkedIn gives you the option of downloading your data before deleting your account. Here’s how to backup your LinkedIn data.

Step 1: Select your profile picture from the top toolbar and click “Settings and Privacy” when the dropdown menu appears.

backup linkedin data

Step 2: In the privacy tab, select “Download your data”. You can choose to download “The works” (everything) or select specific data to backup. Click “Request Archive.” It can take 24 hours for the download to be sent to you.

backup linkedin data

Why You Shouldn’t Delete Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a top-notch networking site for job seekers, but don’t be so quick to delete your LinkedIn account after you’ve landed a new job.

Did you know 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates? While you may be thrilled with your current position, future you will be glad you remained visible to recruiters and continued building your network.

When you’re not actively job searching, a little bit of routine maintenance to your LinkedIn profile isn’t a bad idea. Jobscan’s LinkedIn Optimization tool helps refresh your profile and keep it current, attracting new opportunities and keeping you prepared for a future job search.

LinkedIn can also keep you connected to clients and their concerns or changes within your industry. Joining LinkedIn groups and following industry leaders can help keep you abreast of the changing industry climates.

How to Deactivate LinkedIn Premium

If you want to keep your LinkedIn account but simply want to downgrade to a basic LinkedIn account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select your profile picture from the top toolbar

deactivate linkedin premium

Step 2: Select “Premium Subscription Settings” from the dropdown menu.

deactivate linkedin premium

Step 3: In the righthand toolbar, select “Cancel Subscription”. You may have to scroll down the page too view this section.

cancel linkedin premium

Step 4: Select “Continue to Cancel.”

cancel linkedin premium

Step 5: Select your reason for deactivating LinkedIn Premium (or select other if none of the reasons apply to you) and click “Continue to cancel.”

Note: the “Continue to cancel” button will not be clickable until you select your reason for canceling.

cancel linkedin premium

Step 6: (One more time for the cheap seats!) Select “Confirm cancel” one last time.

deactivate linkedin premium account

Congrats! You’ve successfully deactivated your LinkedIn Premium account.

deactivated linkedin premium

For more on how to use LinkedIn, check out our LinkedIn for Job Seekers resources.

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