Those seeking resume advice hear one idea over and over: Focus on resume accomplishments, not duties. What differentiates you from anyone else in a similar role? What makes you successful? Quantifying your impact can dramatically increase your chances of landing an interview—and ultimately, a job.

Money and time are two of the most easily quantifiable variables. What have you done that saved money or time, or that contributed to the bottom line? What other metrics can you use to prove you’ve performed well? This is your chance to show that you made a difference—and if you can do that, it will make all the difference for your job search.

Between these two prior posts (here and here), we’ve already given you 20 sample resume accomplishment statements. If you’re having trouble getting started, the resume writing guide can help.

Otherwise, here are 10 more to inspire you and get you started brainstorming:

1. Promoted an average 30 titles per year for a niche publishing company.

2. Increased employee training participation by 50% by adapting existing curriculum into online education modules.

3. Led project coordinating office moves for 55 employees.

4. Reduced time spent on inventory by 20% by reorganizing physical storage of supplies.

5. Planned lodging and travel logistics for 20 ships per year, with 10 crew members each.

6. Organized quarterly volunteer projects with upwards of 50 volunteers per event.

7. Managed a factory renovation with a budget of $500,000, completing the project both on budget and on time.

8. Digitized company’s internal microfilm library of more than 5,000 files.

9. Scheduled and staffed coaching sessions for 70 weekly athletics classes.

10. Directed 25 events per year, including complex public events with more than 20,000 attendees.

In order to write an effective resume accomplishment statement, follow the CAR formula: Challenge, Action, Result. What was the problem, what did you do, and what was the outcome? Keeping an updated list of resume accomplishment statements in a career management document means always being prepared, rather than scrambling to remember details. By clearly demonstrating your accomplishments, you’ll make your resume stand out.

See if your accomplishments are matching your job description by scanning your resume here: 


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